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As a small business owner, you are probably constantly working on new ways to improve your office. One of the hottest topics in 2018 is businesses adopting green practices. Everything from energy production, recycling, and office cleaning – green is the way to go. Not only is it good for the environment, it will help improve your employee’s health. But implementing such a major change can seem like a daunting and expensive task.

But you won’t get ahead unless you get started. And adopting a green cleaning practice for your office is a good place to start, as it’s not as expensive as switching to solar, for example. Hiring a professional office cleaning service such as No More Chores is a good start, as these cleaning services already follow these practices.

Read on to learn more about how you can shift to a green cleaning practice in your office.

See Where You Stand

Before you start implementing new strategies, you need to see where your office currently is. Before adopting any changes, take a look at all the products and procedures you’re using. Adopting a green cleaning practice won’t happen overnight, so make sure to create a list of priorities. Make a plan covering your shift to green cleaning practices, even if it’s just short-term.

Start Using Green Cleaning Products

After you know where you stand and which of the products you’re using are eco-friendly, start replacing the ones that are not. When looking into new products to use, consider the following:

  • Where do the materials used in the cleaning products come from? Do they come from a sustainable resource?
  • Is the product effective and safe for the environment and your employees?
  • Is the product manufactured responsibly?
  • Are you recycling the leftovers and safely disposing of others you cannot recycle.

Find a Green Cleaning Company

Ask your partners about the cleaning practices they are using when cleaning. If there are some aspects that you want them to change, talk to them about your new green cleaning plan and the changes you’re implementing. Reputable cleaning companies already use green cleaning products and practices by default.

If you are hiring a cleaning company, make sure to ask about what products they use, if they recycle, etc. Find a page on their website detailing their practices, like the one here: https://www.nomorechores.com/commercial-cleaning-services-toronto/

Ideally, the cleaning company staff can help implement the green cleaning policy by offering advice and tried practices.

Get Your Employees in the Game

After you’re done with the initial planning, you need to let your employees familiar with the changes you’re going to make and how it will improve both the environment, the office and their health. Ask for their help in implementing these new office cleaning practices such as recycling. If anyone volunteers to help with the effort, offer an incentive. It will certainly help you in your efforts to switch to greener practices.

The Benefits of Green Cleaning

You might not realize how dangerous cleaning products you use every day are. Switching to a green cleaning practice is not only good for the environment, but everyone working at your company. Many of the products people used for cleaning are no longer produced due to their harmful ingredients. (See also: 7 Eco-friendly Home Cleaning Tips That Work Like Magic)

Better for Humans and Animals

Using natural cleaning products prevents harmful chemicals from reaching the environment. Want to know which these products are? If the label states you should avoid inhaling it or that you need to use protective gloves while handling it, there’s likely a reason. Many of these cleaners can cause an array of problems for your employees, including skin rashes or respiratory issues.

Green Cleaning Products Cost Less

Cleaning products are notoriously expensive. Fortunately, you can replace most of them with natural alternatives and save a lot of money on your cleaning efforts. Many cleaning products you’re buying contain common household items. Baking soda can do an amazing job and costs way less than a cleaning product that’s just s potent. Think about what that could do for your budget.

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