Singapore Cuisine

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Have you been to Singapore yet? If so, you have probably fallen in love with several things about the country. Among those things is their diverse and delicious cuisine, which is influenced by the local indigenous people, China, and India. The fact that Singapore is an island leaves them no other option than to have seafood in most of their dishes. However, the modern lifestyle has also influenced Singaporeans to start eating fast food with leading global outlets opening in the capital, especially in shopping malls. But the big question is whether Singaporean cuisine is healthy or not. (See also: 8 Fatty Foods for Your Healthy Meal)

Singapore Breakfast

You are likely to get different versions of breakfast in Singapore depending on the theme of the restaurant. Those that focus on traditional Malay breakfast are more into food than snacks. They are fond of serving seafood soups and pork meals. People in Singapore also love tea and coffee for breakfast. Continental breakfast influenced by Europe and spicy bread from India is also popular for breakfast.

Breakfast in Singapore is generally considered healthier than lunch and other meals. You are likely to start your day in a healthy way even if you catch some light lunch.

Singapore Lunch and Dinner

For lunch and dinner in Singapore, you are likely to get soups and meaty dishes. They mainly serve pork, lamb, and seafood. After getting your Singapore visa from a reliable agent, it is important that you try traditional meals from a well-known restaurant.
Hawkers’ stalls offer excellent and healthy meals at affordable prices. They open around mid-morning to start serving lunchtime meals. Seafood and lamb on skewers are common meals on the streets of Singapore. When you feel like giving yourself a luxurious treat, try one of the fine restaurants around the country.

Popular Healthy Dishes in Singapore

Healthy Dishes

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Poached eggs and peanut butter toast: This is a healthy option for people who do not want fatty foods. Most people in Singapore order this option when they go to a restaurant. The good news is that you can get this exact meal in any food outlet and you will be set for the morning when you have this with a cup of tea or coffee.

Prawn mee soup: As mentioned earlier, seafood is popular in Singapore. You will rarely go long without eating some prawns or any other seafood. Prawn mee soup can either be a meal on its own or served as a starter before the main meal.

Chicken tikka with chappati and vegetables: This balanced diet meal is popular across many homes in Singapore. You will also find it in many restaurants whether pre-cooked or made to order. Hawkers stalls usually prepare the meal and roll it into one package for easy takeaway.

Rice and noodles: Being an Asian country with influences from China and India, rice and noodles are an important part of meals. They are used as accompaniments for various dishes. Sometimes they are eaten plain as a quick meal.

Places to Eat Healthy Meals in Singapore

Generally, Singapore is named as one of the places that observe high food hygiene in the world. When visiting this state, you have an option of eating from numerous places. Of course, the first choice for most people will be a renowned restaurant or cafeteria. Yes, this is true; most of the restaurants focus on healthy diets with a continental touch apart from the local seafood and rice dishes. Other meat dishes are also popular as well as pasta dishes. Surprisingly, you are also likely to enjoy a healthy meal at a hawker’s stall anywhere in Singapore.

Is Eating Healthy in Singapore Costly?

It is not necessarily a costly affair to get a healthy meal in Singapore. As mentioned above, the roadside and market food shops offer healthy and fresh meals. The best part is that they are affordable and tourists who are on a budget can be seen all over eating from their stalls. Most locals, who already know how much they can save through this prefer to buy their meals here. Nevertheless, many restaurants in the country are relatively affordable as compared to other cities in the world.


As you can see, Singapore cuisine is quite diverse and influenced by many cultures. However, the meals are generally healthy, though it depends on how one orders. There are variations to ensure that the food is exactly how you want it.

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