Locum Tenens

Locum tenens means “to hold the place of,” which may temporarily become a substitute for a doctor in the medical field. The service is generally done for a limited period, and since the beginning of the 1970s, this industry has seen growth in various niches.

However, how do you know if this is the right thing for you as an anesthesiologist?

You’ll learn more in-depth work on this page regarding locum tenens and the pitfalls that you should avoid.

More about Locum Tenens

In this kind of work, you’re temporarily filling in another anesthesiologist’s place in an area, which can be described on a per-contract basis. You will know how to maximize your potential by visiting links like locum tenens anesthesiology rates for more information.

In other areas, some of the remote workers can earn over $2,000 of salary per day. The annual salary can be up to $450,000, but this can depend on the number of patients, location, the work involved, and other factors.

Perks to Know About

Many physicians with other medical specialties can get advantages from a personal and professional point of view when they practice locum tenens. Some of these perks may come with challenges, and it can depend on the person if he or she takes the offer. You can read more about this below.


Substitutes or someone who can fill the gaps left by retiring doctors or an overflow of patients can earn more in a day. The freedom and flexibility allow the doctors to choose the hours they’ll want to work, assignments to do for the day, and many more.

Some want to have those positions that don’t require calls, and others have opted to take calls for more financial rewards.

Simultaneously, freedom can come in the form of uncertain income. Many have found out that the variability can affect their budget for the month, and some have to notice cancellation for an appointment.

More often, the providers are only getting compensation if the canceled appointments occur within 24 hours. It can be challenging to have back-up plans and have patients fill in the schedules. In the end, the assignment may end without warning, and you won’t have any back-up in the process.

Many of the locum tenens may offer competitive rates, specifically in many areas far from the metros and where staffing became a challenge. The independent contractors may use 1099 forums and have hand-picked benefits in the process or own their business entirely.

Others may establish disability insurance, retirement accounts, health care, and others because they want to save up for retirement. Many may agree to get cuts in their pay.

If you’re working solo as an anesthesiologist, you may want to have a personal malpractice insurance package that complies with your contract at the site where you’re at now. Know more about malpractice insurance when you click here.

Adaptability and Travel

Locum Tenens Anesthesiology

The nature of the work makes locum tenens more exposed to the different healthcare system practices. As anesthesiologists, they can become more adaptable to various hospital situations and troubleshoot some of the patients’ issues.

Some appreciate the fact that they can handle different anesthesia devices and machines and various airway equipment. Many have chosen to have exposure to unique cases that may be out of their field.

Smaller centers in rural areas may often have older devices, and they don’t have enough technician support. As a result, the anesthesiologist can do the ultrasound for possible nerve blocks at the same time.

Also, there are situations where smaller centers that offer surgeries may have limited offerings when it comes to medication. Read more about the roles of anesthesiologists here: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/287857.

It’s essential to know the code chart, get help on where malignant hyperthermia medications may be located, and solve airway equipment issues. This way, you’re prepared to go down to the location of the small clinic and start practicing.

Call ahead and know if the clinic is offering a bougie, and if they don’t have this, it’s better to get your own.

One of the things that many love about the assignment is traveling. They can explore the country during their off. Occasionally, exotic locations or a big metropolitan area is part of the package.

Many have temporary housing, and there’s no office politics on top of the influx of patients. Life, in general, maybe more peaceful.

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