Sports is one of the activities in your life that can change your perspective about the things and people around you. It saves lives, it makes you live longer and makes you happier.

Apart from making you strong enough to avoid cancers and various diseases, health researchers have discovered that these sports are the finest sports when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, decision making, focus, and weight loss.

All these sports are highly effective in terms of mental and physical health.

1. Swimming

Swimming is an amazing sport that helps you make your heart stronger. It is a low-stress sport that enhances lung capacity and helps tones the muscles of your body making you leaner and healthier.

It is considered to be one of the most effective weight loss exercises and since you can do it any time of the year due to many indoor swimming clubs and gyms, it makes it all the more reason for you to start.

2. Tennis

Tennis burns over 600 calories in an hour and compares the fitness level of a runner and a cyclist. It is one of the most famous aerobic exercises.

The best part about tennis is that you can have fun while staying fit. It improves focus and helps you enhance your mind to body coordination. The pivots, slams, and sprints involved in tennis help you become more energized than ever.

3. Rowing

Rowing burns over 800 calories in an hour. You must have seen House of Cards and the way Kevin Spacey uses the rowing machine.

It not only makes your heart strong but since it is a full-body workout, it helps you lose weight, become less prone to injuries, and builds muscle. It is one of the most loved indoor sports.


4. Boxing

Boxing is a full-body workout that helps relieve stress while making you lose weight. It makes you leaner and stronger while helping you become more focused.

Boxing workouts need a punching bag and a pair of boxing gloves so you can hang it anywhere in your house or practice it in your gym.

5. Squash

We have had countless researchers telling us that squash is one of the healthiest sports you can play. It was named the healthiest sport in the world by Forbes for many years in a row.

This is because it helps reduce fat and gain muscle. It helps body coordination and alertness. It improves reflexes and enhances cardiovascular strength.


6. Running

Running is the cheapest most effective sports that you can ever take a part in. running improves your heart, makes you happier, helps improve your focus, and the power of decision making.

It helps reduce fat while helping you have a better blood circulatory system and improves endurance. It also makes your bones stronger. You can lose more than 600 calories in an hour by running. Just grab your running shoes and run.

7. Cycling

The reason why tour-de-France is famous is that we are inspired by the stamina and focus of hundreds of cyclists that take part in a phenomenal race regularly.

Cycling helps reduce weight and makes your legs stronger. It gives a sense of freedom while making your brain stronger. It is a low-stress sport that anyone can start. People usually start cycling when they are young and continue to cycle for ages to come.

It is because it is a great workout that helps them live healthier while making them become more focused and happy.

8. Gymnastics

Gymnastics are the best way to gain mental strength and flexibility. Many researchers believe that gymnasts are able to live longer and happier.

It helps make your bones and muscles strong. It aligns your mind and body to formulate the finest of gymnast abilities. Your flexibility increases and you get to tone your muscles. It improves mental focus and reflexes.

You are able to get rid of clumsiness because you then have complete control over your body. It enhances imagination and makes you happier and carefree.

All of the sports mentioned above have two purposes. To make you mentally and physically stronger.

They also help you become more confident and socially secure. Your insecurity goes away and you become more active and in control. So decide your best choice and begin today.

You will be one step closer to your dream of becoming happy, healthy, and focused. Good luck!

About The Author:

NicolaNicola Anderson is a 25-year-old sports journalist based in the UK. She loves watching MMA and boxing when she is not writing for various websites and blogs on sports, fitness, and nutrition. She is a metalhead and works out to tracks by Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, AC/DC, and Slayer.

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