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The technology of mattress manufacturing has advanced significantly. Nowadays, people don’t just shop for mattresses just for the sake it of it. They consider several factors such as cost-effectiveness, durability, and comfort. When it comes to the three factors, you can only think about custom-made mattresses. Brooklyn Mattresses, for example, have been redesigned over and over again with the company promising the best performance each time a new model is released.

But what are the benefits of these mattresses? What about their shortcomings? To help you decide, here are the pros and cons of Brooklyn Mattresses and other custom-made designs in general:

The Pros

1. Comfortability

A custom-made mattress like Brooklyn Bedding comes in three settings: soft, medium, and firm. The soft design is suited for individuals who like sleeping on their sides because it offers more pressure relief. The firm design is suited for individuals who like to sleep either on their back or stomach. Basically, it’s for individuals who don’t like to sink into their mattress. Lastly, the medium design, which is considered the best seller, is suited for individuals who like changing their sleeping position. You can sleep on it on your sides, back, and stomach.

2. Stability

Custom-made mattresses come in multiple layers with each of them contributing to stability. The latest Brooklyn Mattress, for example, has three layers. The first one is the support core layer which gives the mattress a bouncy feel. The second is the 2-piece polyfoam layer which gives the mattress compression and the last one is the gel-infused polyfoam which promotes temperature regulation.

3. Availability

Most custom-made mattresses are readily available online and offline. If, for instance, you want to buy Brooklyn Mattresses, you can get them on the company’s website, showrooms, and online sites. The advantage of shopping online is that you can find the latest Brooklyn Bedding coupons that will enable you to pay a lower price.

4. Extensive Warranty

When buying a custom-made mattress, you should expect it to come with an extensive warranty. If you decide to go for Brooklyn designs, you’ll get at least 10 years. This means that the heavy price that you have to pay is worth it.

5. Extensive Sleep Trial

It’s not just the warranty that assures you of a better investment. The sleep trial policy does it too. With a Brooklyn Mattress, you are offered a 120-day no risk sleep trial policy – upon which you can return the mattress if you are unsatisfied with its performance.

6. Motion Transfer

Custom-made mattresses are made in such a way that they isolate movements. In this case, you don’t have to interfere with the sleep of your partner when turning.

7. Sleeping Hot

A custom-made mattress like Brooklyn Bedding employs advanced TitanCool mattress technology to draw excess heat from your body and to facilitate cooling. This helps you to sleep under cool conditions.

8. No Assembly and Free Delivery

When a custom-made mattress is shipped, it’s ready to use. You don’t have to do any assembly. And if you order a Brooklyn design, the company delivers it for free.


  1. Off-Gassing: Most custom mattresses produce a temporary offensive smell when you first open them. You should expect this with Brooklyn Bedding, though it will last only for a few hours.
  2. Heavy Designs: A majority of custom-made mattresses are heavily built and thus not easy to carry around the bedroom.
  3. Limited Information about New Designs: If you look for reviews about the newest models. You won’t get enough.

Looking at the pros and cons of custom-made mattresses, it’s clear that the former outweighs the latter. Therefore, the options are ideal if you are looking to invest in a mattress that you can enjoy using for long. Of course, your first pick should be Brooklyn designs because of the discussed benefits. (See also: Common Tips for Choosing the Right Kind of Mattress for Healthy Sleeping)

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