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Women and some men cannot stand stretch marks. It’s even worse when those conspicuous lines pop up on your thighs, waistline, hips, stomach area, upper arms, and all other wrong places. Suddenly you can’t confidently put on your favorite showy outfits anymore. You are forced to always feel cautious of yourself whenever you are at the beach, the swimming pool or at the gym.

You’ve been thinking that maybe you should try using stretch mark creams to at least fade them out. But what do you really know about these creams? If you are planning to try them out, here is a list of pros and cons that you should know about them. (See also: 7 Ways to Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines)

But First, What Are Stretch Mark Creams?

Stretch mark creams are treatments specially designed to help reduce the number of stretch marks you have, fade them out to make the marks less visible and make them appear shorter in length.

Note that while these creams can help alleviate the appearance of your marks, they do not have the ability to completely clear them for good.

Pros of Stretch mark Creams

  1. They Can Clear Out Wrinkles Too: Stretch marks happen as a result of excessive weight gain or when your skin gets stretched too far out during pregnancy. They also come with unwanted wrinkles. Using creams not only helps alleviate the appearance of your stretch marks but also helps smoothen fine lines/wrinkles.
  2. Offer Fast Results: If you use your high-quality cream regularly or as directed on the packaging, you are likely to see a significant change in as little as two weeks. However, you need to be a little more patient because some stretchmarks will take longer than others to improve.
  3. Passed Through Rigorous Clinical Testing: To get the permits required to produce skin care products, the manufacturers of the creams have to pass their products through a series of clinical tests in order to get the go-ahead to mass produce.
  4. Come In A Variety Of Sizes: One person may have large parts of their body covered with stretch marks. Another person may have marked only on a smaller area of their body. Creams come in many sizes so that both of these people can feel accommodated. Plus, you can purchase the smaller travel size creams for your purse or for when you want to travel.
  5. Can Revamp Frail Skin: Owing to poor skincare routines or overstretched skin, your skin may end up looking pale, dry and dull. Most stretch mark creams are enriched with collagen and also have the ability to activate your skin to produce its own collagen. With continued use, you will notice a positive change with your skin looking bright, youthful and healthy.

Cons of Stretchmark Creams

  1. Pricey: If you want high quality and effective cream, you may have to dig deeper into your pockets.
  2. Limiting Sizes: Stretch mark creams come in a variety of sizes. However, many of these sizes are barely enough to cater to that user who wants to cover large areas of her body where there are stretch marks. Often, you are forced to buy several containers at a go.
  3. Can Be Smelly: Perfumed creams are shunned and considered less effective than non-perfumed ones. Owing to the products and ingredients used, many find that their stretch mark creams to have a bit of a disconcerting smell.
  4. It Requires A Lot Of Patience: For those stretch marks that are relatively newly formed and not too deep, the use of stretch mark creams can elicit results in as little as 2 to 8 weeks. However, older, deeper stretch marks will take a long time to disperse even with continued use of your cream. Therefore, it requires you to have lots of patience to realize significant results.
  5. You May Need Other Products Too: It is advisable that when you use stretch mark creams, you also use additional products like moisturizers and UV light/ sun protectant creams to keep your skin looking fresh and to get better results.

It helps to understand that the creams will not completely fade away from your marks but will certainly make them less conspicuous. Going by the above stretch mark creams pros and cons, you are fully informed on what to expect by using your creams. Ultimately, this Amazon stretch mark cream has helped thousands of women and men gain confidence in how they look and feel about themselves.

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