A lot of women these days consider makeup as their “power” tool. They say that makeup allows them to express themselves creatively and that it has the ability to boost their self-confidence.

The problem with makeup, however, is that keeping it looking nice and fresh isn’t easy.

Foundation can oxidize in a matter of hours. Weather can cause even industrial-grade concealers to break down. Lipsticks lose their luster.

Blush and bronzer can look muddy when you perspire. Mascara and eyeliner can smudge and take your look from rockin’ to a raccoon.

Busy women don’t have time to deal with makeup woes. They can’t constantly touch up or fix a melting face and still do all the important tasks entrusted to them.

But how exactly can one keep her makeup looking great all day when there are so many factors that can compromise its quality?

Pros in the beauty and fashion industry have rounded up the most effective tips for keeping your makeup looking flawless and exquisite no matter how crazy your day is.

1. Always use a primer.

Primer makes a whole world of difference in ensuring the longevity of a makeup look. It intensifies color, smooths the canvas (your face), and gives pigments something to adhere to.

When using a primer though, go for a formula that matches your skin condition. Pay attention to this detail and your makeup will hold up until you’re ready to take it off.

This can prove to be a challenge, so take advantage of the samples that you can get from your favorite makeup counters.

2. Only apply foundation where needed.

The foundation really does have the tendency to get cakey, and unless you’re a professional model posing for a magazine where full coverage is quite important, there’s no need to use foundation all over your face. Use only a small amount of problem areas to even out skin texture.

To further make the foundation look like natural skin and make it last longer, use a damp sponge. With the sponge, press in the product on your skin and build up gradually until you get the coverage you want.

If you have really great skin, just stick to concealer to brighten your face, and only apply it where necessary.

3. Set everything with a translucent powder using a soft powder puff.

Translucent powder is effective in preventing makeup from melting. Apply it generously on areas of your face that tend to get oily using a soft powder puff and just let it sit (or bake, as makeup gurus like to call the process). When you’re ready to apply blush, just sweep away the excess with a fluffy brush.

The translucent powder doesn’t get cakey even if it adds coverage. It’s known to even hold up in the rain, especially if you use the best performing micronized powders on the market (which, by the way, come in drugstore brands that are very friendly to a tight budget considering how much use you can get out of them).

Best of all, the top magazine photographers say that makeup looks great in pictures when finished with translucent powder.

4. Spritz your face with makeup setting spray.

If you don’t particularly enjoy the matte finish provided by translucent powder, you can make it look more natural by spraying your face with makeup setting spray.

It will provide additional adhesion for makeup that even if you sweat, you won’t have to worry about your eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner, and mascara smudging.

At the same time, it can make skin look slightly dewy, especially after the generous application of translucent powder.

5. Keep your hair away from your face.

Hair has a lot of oils that can actually break down makeup. Plus, if you pile on different hair products to your mane, they can mix with all the oils and contribute to the melting action.

So, if you want to preserve your makeup for a long time, keep your strands away from your face.  Also, avoid touching your hair and then touching your face. Hair oils will not only break down your face paint, but they will also clog your pores.

Hair oils are nasty and they attract so much dirt, so, if they come in contact with your face, a bad breakout is quite likely to happen. There’s nothing worse than having muddy makeup on, paired with a pimple getting ready to pop out of your skin.

All these are additional steps to your daily makeup routine, but they are all worth it.

Do all of them correctly and you will no longer have to worry about your makeup not looking perfect for a night out with friends after a long day.

About The Author:

Jessicka Bell, Co-Founder of the AgenC has the unique position of having worked both in front of the camera and behind it. Before Jessicka started the agenC in Dubai in 2014, she had a successful career as a fashion and catwalk model in Europe, India & the Middle East.

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