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The fact can nowhere be denied that, as much as we spend time in soaking the sun, the higher the risk of skin diseases we invite. UV rays of a harsh sunny day can definitely turn out to be more harmful than any other illness. They can pose a serious threat to your skin by damaging its layers internally and making your body vulnerable to diseases like skin cancer.

So, what could be a better alternative to soaking the sun, getting a smooth tan finish while keeping away all the skin diseases simultaneously? Well, medicines and science have the answer to this too. After years of researchers, now the doctors are capable of producing such ointments and sprays which can eventually let your body attain a beautiful tanned skin without caring about any skin issue. These drugs could change your skin pigments gradually, giving you a gorgeously contoured body.

Why lying under the sun is not desired?

lying under the sun

We all have different definitions of beauty. However, today, the conventional definition of beauty has largely changed. Now people are ready to undergo any surgery, medicinal treatments or injections to get the kind of body they want. Similar is the situation with getting a tanned skin. The trend of tanned skin can be noticed all around.

From celebrities to popular personalities of other fields, everyone is being a part of the tanned skin revolution. Staying under the sun for a while could be beneficial; however, if you start staying more under it, the harmful UV rays can cause certain problems which are not good for your body. The artificial tan can protect your body from such harmful rays and provides you with a natural and subtle golden glow.

The concept of self-tanners and their use!

As the increased demand for tanning products was witnessed, specialists started producing such products that can help you in getting the desirable skin shade. Now the self-tanners or the sunless tanning products are highly in demand due to their professional application and capability to produce such results which look absolutely natural. These are designed by professionals and include such products which cause no harm to the skin. They can be easily applied to the body with a few steps and can give you the sheer glow, which you have always dreamed of.

So, what is the procedure of applying these self-tanners on the body?

procedure of applying these self-tanners

Just like you do with your regular products, it is very easy for you to apply such self-tanners directly on the body. However, if you want t get the even toned and natural looking cover, and it is essential to follow certain steps. The applying process is as under-

  • Get a clean washcloth and exfoliate the skin where you want to apply the tanner. Using an exfoliating product is essential because it lets all the dead skin cells flow out of the body and clears out all the impurities.
  • Now with light pats, dry the whole skin so that when the tanner is applied to the body, it gets evenly spread on the skin without leaving any patches.
  • Apply this self-tanner to all the parts gradually. Do this section by section. Choose one part like arms, and then on the legs and other parts. Slowly massage the tanner over all the parts in a circular path.
  • Wash your hands immediately after completing one section. This is because the tanner may reside the skin of your palms and fingers giving them an unwilling shade. So, unless you want to tan them as well, always wash them after getting the tanner applied on each section.
  • Blend the tanner a little more on certain areas like around your knees, wrists, and ankles. These are the parts where the color of our skin is slightly dark. Extending the tanner there can let you achieve a more natural look.
  • You can damp a bit on these parts, apply the tanner into layers and then use a thin layer of lotion, right on top of the self-tanner.
  • Now let your skin dry, wait for around 10-15 minutes o that the tanner can get soaked into the skin. Wear loose clothes for a while, as to avoid sweating and discoloring of the tan.

This is generally a widely popular way of getting a fake skin tan without any issues. However, the problems can be largely witnessed as it is not a permanent solution. This tan can reside only for some days and then can shred away. Moreover, if you undergo even a single mistake while applying it, this starts looking artificial and patchy. So, here is another way of getting the desired skin! Know what it is!

Melanotan 2 peptide- the ultimate solution for tanned skin

Tanning peptide also termed as Melanotan 2 peptide, is a revolutionary invention for all those who want to achieve a tanned skin. While you might have wasted your valuable time under the sun, now it is the right moment to choose a perfect product which can solve all your problems in a go.

Melanotan 2 peptide doesn’t function upon the layers of your skin, but it directly targets the internal elements which are responsible for the body color. They are used as a way of injection and are shipped in the form of powder. All you have to do is, buy it from an online store such as lovemelanotan and once it shipped to you then just reconstitute the powder with sterile water and get it injected into your body. This product also demands a bit of sun exposure, but it yet the most amazing thing that ever came up in the world of tanning.

A lot of individuals make the use of tanning peptide as it benefits you by working with the internal agents and bringing out the raw, tanned look. Moreover, no other product can ever beat this as it can say for the longer durations. The performance is however slow, but once you get the desired shade; you can stop its use, and can still flaunt your beautiful body with Melanotan 2 peptide.

So, these are best alternatives through which, you can easily get the perfect skin that everyone would surely get jealous off!

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