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It’s not easy to find the time to chef-it-up in the kitchen; at least, that’s the case for me and my busy lifestyles. Luckily, classic slow cooker recipes are easy and low maintenance. I’ve always had really good luck with crock pot meals, so I wanted to explore different ways to find healthy recipes using chicken, pork loin, and other ingredients for quick, delicious slow cooker meals.

I wanted to find the perfect resource for total beginners and experienced cooks alike that can take the stress and hassle out of finding the best slow cooker recipes out there! In my search, I came across a website that really surprised me: AppGrooves. It’s a site that compiles the top 10 apps in a variety of categories. In my search, I discovered their top 10 list for slow cooker apps. Did you know there were apps for that? Because I sure didn’t! Using the apps I found there, I was able to browse dozens of amazing slow cooker recipes, from healthy vegetarian options to appetizers, desserts, and more. I’ll include the link to AppGrooves top 10 list so you can have a peruse yourself.

Best 10 Apps for Slow Cooker Recipes by AppGrooves

I’ve compiled all of my favorites in a review below to give you all the nitty gritty pros and cons so you can easily choose the app that works best for you!

1. Slow Cooker Apps that Have a Grocery List

Cooking meals every day is a lot of work! For those of us who aren’t pros in the kitchen – or when the pros want to take a day off – a slow cooker is a great way to reduce the workload and create yummy meals! I’ve selected the apps I like best that also include a helpful grocery list to aid you in finding the best crockpot recipes for any occasion. You can choose your preferred meals and instantly get a grocery list for the items you’re going to need to make it. Being able to have your grocery list right on your mobile device will make that trip to the store incredibly easy.

Apps: Yummy Slow Cooker Recipes, Crock Pot Slow Cooker Recipes

Yummy Slow Cooker Recipes is an excellent option if you are looking for crockpot recipes that are both healthy and tasty. You are able to choose from hundreds of recipes that are organized in a convenient category system, which makes them easy to find and select. Shopping lists are auto-generated for the recipes you select, and you’re even able to share them with your friends with one tap. Yummy Slow Cooker Recipes is available for free, which is a huge plus, but it does mean that you’ll see occasional ads. Thankfully, they are short and don’t show up often.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with a slow cooker, Crock Pot Slow Cooker Recipes has hundreds of easy crockpot recipes to choose from! Grocery lists, just like with Yummy, are automatically generated for your favorite recipes. You are also able to search for recipes based on the ingredients you have in your pantry, which is incredibly convenient! However, unlike Yummy Slow Cooker Recipes, there is no option to share these grocery lists with others. But you can access your favorite recipes and grocery lists offline, which is a plus.

2. Slow Cooker Recipe Apps with Nutritional Information

Let me be real for a second: the best thing about a crockpot is that it does all the work for you! All you have to do is put the ingredients in and let the magic begin – it’s really that simple. Are you not sure what to cook? Below I have included my personal favorite apps for slow cooker recipes that include nutritional information, so you can try a new recipe every day and stay healthy doing it! You can choose from the best crockpot meals that will seriously make your friends ask for the recipe again and again.

Apps: Yummly Recipes & Shopping List, Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes

With Yummly Recipes & Shopping List, all you have to do is pull out your crockpot and specify your favorite ingredients for the best meal recommendations. I love this app because it is that easy. If you or a member of your family has specific dietary requirements, you can filter results for delicious recipes that fit your needs. In order to compile all of the recipes that it does, Yummly does need internet access to find your favorite recipes. On the plus side, there are over 2 million recipes in its database, so you’ll find new recipes every week!

If you truly want to discover all the health benefits of your crock pot, then Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes is a great way to go. Only good-for-you ingredients are used in these recipes, so you will no doubt be able to find healthy crock pot recipes that work for you and your family – no matter how picky your eaters may be. All cooking instructions provided on the app are detailed and easy to follow. Not to mention, Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes is free to use and doesn’t have any ads whatsoever. Just keep in mind that when you’re deciding on your next meal, you may notice there isn’t a search bar at the top of the app. Instead, there is a category system with detailed pictures to help you find the perfect recipe for you. (See also: Create a Healthy Diet & an Efficient Workout Plan with Healthy Eating Apps)


The very next time you want to impress your family and friends with a healthy and delicious recipe, consider pulling out your slow cooker! All of the apps I’ve described above will give you a variety of options for easy recipes. You can find all the nutritional information you need or choose from hundreds of delicious crockpot recipes that will have your grocery list ready instantly. Whatever it is you’re looking for, I’m confident these slow cooker recipe apps have it, so you should seriously check them out!

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