Remedial Massage and Relaxation Massage

Once you’ve decided on getting a massage, how do you decide on what kind of massage to choose?

With so many different kinds available these days, it can be hard to choose, but two of the most popular to consider are remedial massage and relaxation massage.

This article will discuss the differences between remedial massage and relaxation massage, allowing you to choose what’s most appropriate for your needs.

What is Relaxation Massage?

A relaxation massage is exactly what it sounds like. It’s designed to de-stress you after a long week or to offer a little TLC when you’re feeling like you’re running on empty.

The techniques used during relaxation massage include gentle strokes, kneading and subtle manipulations conducted as softly or as hard as you desire.

Relaxation massage is pain-free and helps you to relax in both body and mind.

How is Remedial Massage Different?

If you have long-term chronic conditions that require a more specialized form of massage, remedial massage could be for you.

In the first session of remedial massage in Melbourne, an assessment will take place to see what the cause of your pain is on the musculoskeletal level.

After careful diagnosis, a treatment plan will be devised by the massage therapist. Your treatment plan will be tailored specifically to your needs, unlike the universality of a relaxation massage where everyone gets a similar treatment.

As part of the assessment, tests will occur to diagnose which muscles are problematic and what needs to change in order for them to become more functional.

What Can be Treated with Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage can be used to treat sciatica, carpal tunnel, stiff necks, headaches, migraines, sporting injuries, and more.

If you’re unsure if remedial massage is the right treatment for you, the best thing to do is to book in for an assessment with a highly experienced and qualified therapist who can diagnose the cause of your chronic pain or sports injury.

Why Book in for a Remedial Massage?

Wondering why people book in to see a remedial massage therapist? Here are some of the major reasons:

They’re in Pain

This is a big reason why people might come to try a remedial massage. They could be experiencing musculoskeletal pain due to a recent injury, or it could be a chronic condition. Either way, remedial massage may help.

They Need Medical Intervention

While a relaxation massage can feel great and help you to de-stress, it’s not a diagnostic or medical process.

Remedial massage actually involves a series of tests and assessments, and the creation of a medical treatment plan to increase the healing of the muscles, fascia, and tendons for better joint movement and flexibility.

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They’re a Professional Athlete

Professional or even keen amateur athletes are continually putting their bodies under strain in their efforts to reach peak performance. This can lead to frequent injuries that require medical treatment to lessen pain and healing time.

Remedial massage works with the body’s own healing mechanisms to promote healing, which is why it’s favored by athletes.

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