Medical marijuana, established in the form of cannabis oil, is a subject that offers an ongoing debate. A number of states have operational laws on medical marijuana, but the federal government still considers it an illegal substance.

Cannabis Oil

Since possession of marijuana is considered illegal in some states, it limits the medical field in its study of the benefits of cannabis. The arguments for and against the legalization of cannabis oil or medical marijuana are hot topics.

It is difficult to ignore the debate on medical marijuana. However, one can only know if marijuana is all that good through study and research.

Understanding Cannabis

The given name for the dried leaves and buds of the diverse Cannabis sativa plant is Marijuana. This plant grows wild in dry, warm climates all over the globe. The common names for Marijuana are grass, weed, herb, pot, cannabis, hash, ganja, hemp, and others. Sometimes people wonder if, is cannabis water soluble.

The Pros and Cons of Cannabis Oil

Is medical marijuana really that effective? The therapeutic benefits of cannabis oil focus on functional improvements in conditions that cause severe pain and autism. However, on the other side of the column is the fact that marijuana does cause side effects.

Let us discuss the pros and cons of medical marijuana of cannabis oil.

The PROs

The benefits of using cannabis oil are still being discovered by the medical community. Some results carry contradictory data. However, in most cases, scientists agree that cannabis oil has benefits on the human body.

1. Reduces anxiety and depression

Endocannabinoids help to maintain memory, energy balance, and mood within certain parameters. Medical studies show that cannabidiol (CBD) plays a huge role in determining if the substance increases the activity of the receptors to reduce depression and anxiety while improving a person’s mood.

Many people worldwide turn to CBD for help. Small bottles of 600mg CBD oil for newly interested are available almost everywhere. They provide an ideal dose that will help you see over a period of time if the product is indeed for you.

Further, cannabidiol is becoming a good option for controlling distressing events and avoiding stress. CBD controls the way individuals respond mentally and emotionally to traumatic incidents by redirecting the stress receptors in a person’s brain and reducing their activity.

2. Increases appetite

Sick people usually lose their appetite while taking lots of medication. For instance, patients who are undergoing chemotherapy usually have a lack of appetite and energy because of the painful process and the varied effects on their bodies.

Consumption of Cannabis oil releases hormones that play a huge role in controlling hunger. Cannabis responds by restoring to ill patients the motivation to keep fighting the disease and eat more to strengthen the body.

Cannabis oil also stimulates a person’s digestive system. This helps patients regain lost weight after a time of serious illness. Meanwhile, Cannabis oil is also a somewhat common treatment for both anorexia and obesity.

3. Supports organ health, muscles, and joints

Cannabis oil improves the condition of joints, muscles, and organs. It balances mood and reduces pain levels. Furthermore, the medical community recognizes Cannabis oil as a pain reliever. Oftentimes, it is used as a treatment in cases of patients with cancer or fibromyalgia.

Medical treatment involving cannabis oil reduces pain levels within two weeks for patients who experience chronic pain for a variety of reasons, like cancer, chemotherapy, surgery, etc.

4. Supports the health of the brain

Medical research supports the idea that consuming Cannabis oil generates better activities of the endocannabinoid system, which involves the degradation process of a person’s brain cells. Diseases such as Huntington, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis cause deterioration of the brain, but Cannabis oil slows down the process by fortifying a person’s immune system.

5. Fights Psychosis

Cannabis limits the severity of psychotic episodes. Oftentimes, it requires a considerable amount of Cannabis to make a difference. Unlike the usual antipsychotic medication, Cannabis does not cause dangerous side effects.

Fights Psychosis

Moreover, people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder can see benefits from Cannabis. It is effective in increasing a person’s coping abilities, and it is known to decrease anxiety and insomnia.

6. Other benefits of Cannabis Oil

  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Prevents sight problems
  • Supports circulatory system
  • Can treat and prevent cancer
  • Enhances skin condition

The CONs

Studies administered on the effects of Cannabis concluded that it delivers a broad range of benefits. However, a high dosage can cause potential side effects. Incorrect or too frequent use of Cannabis has dangerous disadvantages, such as:

  • Seriously affects your short-term memory
  • Impairs cognitive ability
  • Damages lung tissue
  • Carries risk of addiction and abuse
  • Causes Low blood pressure
  • Hallucinations
  • Dizziness

The risks of Cannabis oil are not yet fully scrutinized and more medical research is required to further understand them.


Establishing a list of the pros and cons of Cannabis oil helps you understand clearly the advantages and disadvantages of consuming Cannabis oil. Even if it is used in traditional medicine, it still remains a subject of interest and often argument. It has long been considered a hazardous plant, but eventually, the medical field may be more accepting of its potential treatment value for humans and animals.

There are plenty of resources you can find online for Cannabis oil. Check out to learn more about their research and products on CBD (Cannabis oil) and everything else about Cannabis oil.

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