Teen Health Risks

Life has become so much complicated nowadays, with so many things going on around us. Things have become tough for our mental health and especially for the teenagers whose brains are rather more fragile to complications.

These days teenagers are more and more exposed to mental risks than ever before, and they have to face things like online bullying, alcohol and drug abuse, and school shouting, etc.

This completely messes up with their emotional well-being, and they do not even realize when to look for a therapist.

For this very reason, according to many pieces of recent studies, the rates of suicide and other mental risks have increased rapidly over the past few years.

This is why it is really important for caretakers and parents to have difficult yet proper conversations with their children to help them make smart choices about their health, life, and safety.

Here are some of the main mental health risks teens nowadays face and what you can help your teenage child with:

1. Suicide

Suicide is the world’s second most leading reason of death among young teenagers, and it has been recorded in several; pieces of research that this rate is now increased by up to 56% recently.

There can be a number of reasons for teen suicides, and one of the main reasons is that they have a fragile mental state at this point of their life as they are growing, and they need to be handled with proper care.

The several contributing factors for suicide are family problems, loneliness, depression, and abuse of some kind, etc.

Another one of the main reasons is that most teachers do not have very good communication skills, and thus suppressing their feelings for a long time can lead them to take desperate measures like suicide.

2. Pregnancy Sex And STDs

One of the main conversations that are really important to have with your teenagers is sex talk. Although this might get a little uncomfortable topic for you and your child at first it is quite important to make them understand the risks that come with any sexual activity.

You should make them learn about how they can practice safe sex at a safe age and how much it is essential to understand the concept of consent.

As sexual activities, rapes being among some of the most popular mental risks among teenagers, you need to properly educate them about the STD and pregnancy risks involved with unsafe sex.

3. Drug Abuse

In order to compensate for the mental health issues, what most teenagers turn to to get temporary mental relief is drugs.

Most often, teens consider drugs as their only option to run away from a certain reality condition, and instead of getting help with something they are going through, they choose drugs.

From simple tobacco cigarettes to dangerous drugs like weed and cocaine have been used by many teens who eventually end up putting their life at risk by completely damaging their physical health.

So, in case you catch your teenager doing any kind of drugs or smoking, try to avoid giving them any ultimatums or threats and instead talk to them to find a way out of it.

You can also try to set them up with therapists and rehabilitation centers to get them safely back to their lives.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol is another one of the main mental risks that teenagers find an easy way out of their stressful lives, and they can even end up being addicted to that.

According to several surveys, around 30% of the high seniors report drinking alcohol and consume more than four or five beverages a day.

To save your child from getting into such kinds of habits you can have a talk with them in a polite manner and can make them aware of the health risk of alcohol and how it can affect their life.

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