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The super-thin, fine brows are outdated. In today’s generation, the thick ones are considered to be better. Apart from the efficient brow products, their technique of microblading has been developed to make your arches better. This technique is gaining popularity with each growing day.

Though you might have some clue about it, you may not know in which manner the procedure actually works. Do not worry! We are here to help you with that.

To get proper knowledge regarding the microblading technique of eyebrows, we conducted researched to give you the right information. The following questions and answers will help you know more about Microblading.

What is microblading?

We now know the whole procedure of microblading. It is the new and better form of semi-permanent makeup. In it, the pigments are inserted within the upper layer of skin by a manual procedure. This helps to fill up and get the desired shape of eyebrows.

The impact of microblading can stay as long from 12 to 24 months. However, most of it is completely dependent on the skin type and starts fading after a certain time. The fading then leaves out the skin and eyebrows in their natural manner. The process has a natural impact thereby offering full and natural look to the eyebrows.

What is the cost of microblading?

When you go in for the microblading technique, you should be ready to spend quite a few bucks. The charge differs from one place to another and you might need more than one sitting that increases the cost. The aftercare also includes costs and you cannot compromise on the quality of the service you avail.

What is the use of the microblading aftercare?

You need to keep the brows dry for at least 10 days after the microblading. No water should get near the brow areas as it may cause the ink to be washed away from the skin. You must also not go in to warm holiday destinations as it can cause you excessive sweating. Too much sweat may result in ink being pushed out from the skin. You should also avoid gym or any activities which will make you sweat too much.

Does microblading have any side-effects?

There are possibilities that your body would not accept the ink in the first session itself. Your eyebrows start healing slowly after 10 days.  You should then try to exfoliate the area for about twice a week. This will aid you in lowering the pigmentation gradually.

When should you go in for a touch up for microblading?

The touch-up completely depends on one’s personal choices. Most artists will advise that after one session, you should try to come back one in every 6 to 8. It helps them check that the lines and colors have been absorbed. You might as well make small changes like getting some extra strokes.

After two sessions, it completely depends on you when you wish to get an appointment. It can range anywhere from 3 months to 2 years. The choice for touch-up completely depends upon you.

There are several centers which offer microblading technique. If you are trying your hands out in these, you can definitely try out on training your skills. Turn to microblading training in Atlanta’s best institute and get the right course to learn this skill.

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