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Having feet that are strong is extremely important. Strong feet can allow you to run and move faster. Strong feet can also prevent you from falling over in situations that are out of your control. When your feet become stronger, they suddenly have speed, power, control, balance, and many more positive traits compared to somebody whose feet aren’t as strong.

If you are interested in learning about how you can achieve strong feet, there are a few tips and tricks that your podiatrist can share with you, without taking supplements or changing your diet. Here are some ways to bolster the strength of your feet. (See also: Healthy Feet – Healthy Spine. Is it really so easy?)

1. Walk And/Or Run Without Shoes

Shoes serve as ways to protect your feet from harm, but shoes can also slow and weigh your feet down as you are trying to exercise. You don’t necessarily need to exercise or run on a treadmill with bare feet, but at least do tasks throughout the home without the need of wearing shoes. If your feet cannot handle aggressive activities barefoot right away, it will be better to take things slowly in the initial stage.

One exercise that you can do is stand up from a seated position with the weight on the balls of your feet, and alternate with repetitions with weight on your heels. With the proper development of your feet, you should be able to do more activities without shoes so that you can maintain the strength in your feet. For example, your feet should not hurt as you run barefoot.

2. Work Out Your Arches

This is a great, brief exercise you can do as recommended by your podiatrist in Houston. There are three arches in each of your feet: The lateral, anterior transverse, and medial arches. They work together to absorb shock so that your feet do not simply smack the ground as you are walking or running.

To roll your arches out, all you need is a lacrosse ball that you can purchase at a sporting goods store. Sit down in a comfortable chair with the ball underneath the inner arch of your foot. Lean forward and roll the ball towards the heel. Then, lean back and roll the back towards the outer arch, and then across the coronal plane towards the ball of your feet. This is supposed to massage and flex out your feet.

It is important to roll out the medial, anterior transverse, and lateral arches in that order to avoid foot pain. Roll the ball under your feet in this triangular motion so that you work each of your arches in each foot. Your feet should increase flexibility with a lesser chance of pain moving forward. For a more rigorous exercise, roll your using the ball while standing up, without the use of a chair.

3. Walk on Smooth Rocks

Walking on rocks can be painful, but if you can find a bed of round, smooth rocks or pebbles to walk on, such as at a park or in your yard, they can benefit your feet in addition to the rest of your body.

Standing, walking, and even leaning on rocks will help all the nerves in your feet to become active. Many of them have connections that go as far up as your lumbar or lower back. Many people experience back pain in certain stages of their life, mainly due to not working out these feet and nerves like they are supposed to. But simply walking and standing on beds of smooth rocks from time to time can change so much for your feet for the better.

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