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Botox is one of the most effective beauty treatments that help you achieve the glowing skin. However, over the time, Botox has become one of the most efficient and popular treatment. Botox injections have been helpful for reducing wrinkles and fine lines which contributes towards a younger looking skin. Moreover, Botulinum Toxin Type A is referred to Botox. Botulinum is a powerful neurotoxin whose type A helps to produce Botox in the laboratory. The botox is completely free of bacteria and can help to treat facial wrinkles, severe migraine, excessive blinking and even more. (See also: [Infographic] Look Younger & Better With Botox and Dysport)

Things to know before getting a Botox injection

Before you begin with your Botox treatment, you need to be prepared for it. Well, there is a list of things you should be aware of:

  1. Know if it is applicable to you

There are certain conditions under which you cannot get the botox treatment done. Hence, you need to be careful during these.

  1. Take less stress

Botox treatment is very simple and quick. However, many people tend to get nervous before getting the botox injection. If you feel stressed, you need to break the myths and relax about it.

  1. Make sure to mention medications

If you are under certain medications, you need to tell about it before undergoing botox treatment. Some of the medications which may have a reverse effect with the botox include blood thinners, muscle relaxants and more.

  1. Refrain from cigarettes

If you are taking botox injections, you should stop smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoking increases the risk of botox bruising. Also, it will slow down the healing period.

  1. Cleanse your skin

Before applying the botox injection, make sure that your skin is free from dirt. Wash your face properly and rinse it off with warm water. Next, you can choose to pat and dry your face.

How to prevent botox bruising?

Botox bruising in the forehead is very common. There are certain steps you should be taking before and after the botox injection to prevent bruising:

  • Before the treatment

Refrain from blood thinning effects

There are certain supplements which may have a blood thinning effects on your body. These include ginger, garlic, green tea, ginseng and more. You should stop taking them at least seven days before the treatment.

Stop blood-thinning medicines

If you are under medication, it is better to stop it for some days. The blood-thinning medicines will prevent the blood thinning which will have a negative impact on a body after botox injection. In most conditions, you might not be allowed to have the treatment due to such medications.

Don’t drink alcohol for 24 hours

You should stop with your alcohol consumption a day before getting the botox treatment. The anti-platelet effect of botox leads to an increased risk of botox bruising.

  • During the treatment

Ice the area

Before beginning with the botox treatment, you should prefer applying ice to the respective area to make it numb. It helps to contract the blood vessels which further lessen the risk of botox bruising.

Consider taking homeopathic arnica

Homeopathic arnica is also referred to as mountain daisy. Start using it to minimize the risk of botox bruising. The arnica tablets are easily available in the market. You can begin with a day before and continue with it for the next 5 days.

Bromelain supplement

Bromelain supplement is said to be useful since it helps to lower the risk of inflammation and swelling. Some of the bromelain supplements help to make the capillaries strong when combined with vitamin C.

  • After the treatment

Ice the treatment

This is one of the most important things you should be doing after getting Botox injection to prevent botox bruising. Take a bag of frozen ice and apply it over the treated area. Ensure to keep it cool.

Refrain from exercise for a day or two

Although exercising regularly is healthy, but if you have undergone a cosmetic treatment, you should not do it. Excess physical activity can increase the blood flow, pressure, and heart rate. This further prevents the capillaries from healing at a quick rate.

Use the extra pillow

Before going off to sleep, make sure to use an extra pillow to keep your head elevated. This helps in faster recovery.

Botox bruising is common in a lot of people, but there are certain ways through which you can prevent them. You should prefer visiting the experts at Alpharetta Botox to lessen the risk of botox bruising.

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