Nightgowns are lovely on every woman and are meant to make them feel beautiful whatever the occasion may be. They have overtime proved to not just be fashion statements, but also comfort statements. You feel good being in them and sleeping in them. There are, however, nightgowns that give you more comfort than others. It is the fabric used in production that differentiates the former from the latter.

Silk Nightgowns are remarkable for giving the body an amazing feeling. They are best suited for summer – when the temperature is usually hot and uncomfortable. They sit well on any woman and they are easy to slip on the body. You also take them off with ease. They have stood the test of time for their durability and the comfort they give. They retain their texture, feel, and look for a long span of time.

A nightgown should be comfortable, smooth, and flexible, and most importantly, feminine. It should make you feel youthful and sophisticated. Anyone who enjoys the feeling of soft fabrics against their skin will always love to be in a soft nightgown.

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For ease, we have compiled a list of silk nightgowns to be on the lookout throughout the year.

Silk Made Nightgowns to be on The Lookout For in 2018.

1. Victoria’s Secret

Known to have always been a leading name in fashion for their tremendous mark in the industry, Victoria’s Secret has remarkably been impressive in the business of Nightgowns. Based in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, the brand has a collection of impeccable Nightgowns in every category. With a special focus on silk, Victoria’s Secret is top notch when it comes to Nightgowns with an alluring appeal. Their distinct patterns, colors, and styles make them stand out. They’ve always been known for their mind-blowing releases and we are sure that 2018 is not going to be left out in showing off new colors and styles.


Every fashion designer has their point of strength, and when it comes to silk and its craftsmanship to make the most breathtaking, and glamorous nightgowns, NK iMODE is one fashion house that specializes in everything silk. This Vancouver-based brand of silk was established in 2003 and has since been recognized itself as the go-to choice for many that require cutting-edge, high-specialty silk nightwear. NK iMODE has become renowned for its timeless silk lingerie, nightgowns, and the most luxurious silk chemises.

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The NK iMODE brand prides itself in the highest standards of craftsmanship and with its factory situated at the capital of all silk in the world, Suzhou, one can expect only the best possible service, alluring designs, the most seamless and comfortable bust support that will flatter the wearer’s body and curves. NK iMODE silk nightgowns are well distributed through their retail partner’s boutiques in the US, Canada, and Europe. They also have an exclusive collection in the high-end department store in Selfridges, UK.

3. Lulu Silk

Based in Abu Dhabi, Lulu silk Nightgowns are exotic gowns that have been proven to be perfect for the night. The brand is found to usually use delicate pieces of lace material for quite a number of their designs. Lulu silk has a very fine blend of silk Nightgowns that can be used as the perfect piece for the evening. This brand is notable for their quality and luxurious gowns. Highly stylish, easy to wear and take off silk, Lulu silk is a brand to look out for as they don’t stop stimulating the eyes with breathtaking pieces. With a variety of distinct designs, Lulu silk looks and feels good on different body types. Lovers of silk Nightgowns should be on the lookout for better and more classic designs from Lulu Silk in 2018.

4. Soft Surroundings

Based in St. Louis, MO, Soft surroundings have been in the nightgown business for a long time. They pride themselves in comfortable Nightgowns that ensure a more fulfilling life for its lingerie lovers. Over time, they have proved to be a great choice with the exquisite silk gowns they produce. With several patterns and color, Soft Surroundings have been impressing clients for a long time. What makes them stand out from other brands on this list is the fact that their patterns are not anything close to the usual, which makes it their most attractive selling point. Soft surroundings nightgowns can easily be used for evening gatherings.

We are sure that they will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that they flood the market with ravishing Nightgowns to keep themselves competitive.

5. The Mulberry Silk Co

With a factory in China and a warehouse in Ohio, mulberry silk produces one of the finest forms of silk Nightgowns you can find.

The reason Mulberry Silk prides itself on the use of the finest of silk materials one can ever find is that China is specialized in the production of quality silk. Their silk Nightgowns are very comfortable and attract a mature audience. They have a profound collection of nightgowns for the women that want to feel elegant and relaxed. Mulberry Silk is perfect for those who would want to conceal some skin while sleeping. We look forward to their releases this year.

Silks are perfect pieces to move around in and they are also very easy to dry clean. It is pertinent to state that before deciding to purchase from any of the above brands, you should do a little research to see if silk is for you. Also, the above mentioned does not exhaust the beautiful silk brands that already exist and the ones that are yet to hit the market. They are, however, the most promising top brands to look out for and whichever one you decide to stick with, you are assured of their quality and a wide selection of styles.

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