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Men did not view proper skin care to be important, due to the feminine connotations of it. One only needs to look at male portraits or photos of the past.  Typically, when men grow older, they experience much skin damage from years of neglect.

However, at the turn of the modern age, things have changed drastically regarding one’s personal skin care. Thus, male grooming has become a more acceptable practice. Women now look for men that take care of themselves not just for health sake but because they want their men to be more attractive in their later years.

Here are some tips that one can follow:

  1. Make sure to moisturize

One practice many men forget is to put cream on their body after taking a shower.

Most men think they do not need to do this, but clinical studies have illustrated that men who neglect to put on lotion after showering tend to have greater skin dryness which over time will lead to the development of premature wrinkles.

  1. Try to stop having these bad habits

Scratching your skin is a huge problem. Many scratches as a form of stress relief or due to an actual skin condition. Scratching your skin excessively can lead to problems such as rashes from the microbes that naturally live under your nails.

Popping pimples are not only harmful to the surface of the skin but also a hard habit to break. Popping pimples cause differential pigmentation and leaves scratches that scar up. These scars cannot only be a health concern but can be unsightly.

Forgetting to put on sunscreen especially around the face, neck, and ears may lead to sunburns, skin peeling, and premature wrinkles. One might find that it is acceptable to avoid sunburn lotion; however, overexposure to the sun over a period leads to skin damage, which may be detrimental to your health. Serious changes to one’s skin pigmentation can lead to a fatal disease of cancer.

  1. Eating healthy can help

While everyone loves eating a greasy hamburger or barbecued ribs, too much of a good thing can lead to major health problems, especially for your skin. However, there are foods that are much more helpful, allowing your skin to become healthier and better looking.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for living, and there are certain qualities to some of them that ensure prolonged skin health. As seen in the study of “Discovering the link between nutrition and skin aging

It was determined that fruits are especially useful for clearing up wrinkles and keeping skin taut, due to their content of vitamins and minerals. An example of this can be found within the kiwi, which is choked full of vitamin C, perfect for reinforcing your skin’s health.

Surprisingly meat can also help your skin, grass-fed beef, specifically. As seen in a study from Oregon State University, “Essential Fatty Acids and Skin Health”, it was deduced that Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, were both very useful in reducing inflammation and promoting skin health. Protein is also very useful in keeping your skin taut and less wrinkled, as it is used in creating collagen and elastin tissue.

  1. Remembering to clean your skin daily

Throughout the day your skin collects dirt and bacteria by simply going about your everyday life. Failure to wash your face can lead to pores becoming clogged and pimples to pop up. Your pores can also become clogged up throughout your body. This can be remedied by simply washing your skin once a day, thoroughly. Also, do not forget the equally important tip to moisturize yourself after every cleaning.

Washing with soap and water is the easiest way in correctly cleaning out your face. It is also useful to have pore cleansers or a face scrubber to ensure that your pores will not be stopped up.

  1. Notice eczema

The extremely dry skin may lead to a condition called eczema. Eczema is characterized by extreme dryness to certain parts of your body. It often leaves red splotches that give an almost rash like quality to your skin. Blisters and extreme itchiness often accompany it.

Usually, this does not often have a reactant but eczema often occurs to the lack of moisturizing or the body not producing enough skin oils. A heavy lotion around the affected areas usually resolves the issue. However, if it becomes chronic, a doctor visit may be in order.

In Conclusion

While taking care of your skin might not be the foremost in any guy’s mind, but can ensure that you will be looking good for years to come. With so many ways to keep your skin clear, it does not take a lot of time or effort to maintain your skin. Put in the work, and you will be keeping your skin looking great for much time to come.

About The Author:

Aron James is the founder of Stubble Patrol is a site on male grooming. He loves to write about his personal experiences.

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