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There are ways of interpreting while deciding on how to choose to be a surrogate. There are specific prerequisites to be considered while planning on wanting to be a surrogate. Surrogacy centre has particular guidelines to screen a surrogate before taking them in. They follow that:

  1. The woman must be 21 years old.
  2. The woman must have given birth to at least one healthy baby to understand the medical risks of pregnancy and childbirth. They also consider the ability to forego the emotional issue of bonding with a newly born.
  3. She must sign a contract to give clarity on the responsibilities she possesses as a surrogate and to agreeing to provide the baby after birth.
  4. Has cleared a psychological screening by mental health specialist to uncover any issues post giving birth to the baby.

The surrogacy centres suggest the surrogate mothers get their medical tests done for infectious diseases such as HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia and hepatitis B and C. They should also make sure that they have immunity against rubella, chickenpox, and measles. It is even better to ask the surrogate to get a medical procedure done to visually ‘map’ the uterus.

When intended parents decide to pursue surrogacy, they are trusting that their surrogate is physically and emotionally healthy and ready to commit to the process.

The screening process will depend on the agency or professional intended parents with whom the surrogate chooses to work with. Surrogacy agencies often develop their methods and requirements for surrogate mothers and hence, calculate the surrogate mothers’ cost in different areas as per varied requirements. In general, the surrogate screening processes include the following services:

  1. Medical and Drug History: Many agencies ask women interested in surrogacy to first submit self-disclosed medical, drug history and social information for themselves and their families. Later, they will also be required to submit official medical records from their physicians, which are attested and reliable.
  2. Counseling: Prospective surrogates will be asked to meet with a psychologist to determine that they are emotionally ready for the challenges of surrogacy. The psychologist will talk about any potentially painful feelings the surrogate may experience during pregnancy and following delivery.
  3. Background Checks: The agency will run criminal and child abuse background checks to ensure prospective surrogates have no prior convictions that might impact the safety of the surrogacy process.
  4. Birth Records: In addition to their general medical records, prospective surrogates will need to submit birth records from any previous pregnancies. Most agencies require their surrogates to have prior successful pregnancies with no significant complications.

There is a proper list of reasons why surrogacy centres screen surrogates: Surrogates assume an incredible role in providing the intended parents with one of life’s most precious gifts. It is crucial to work with a professional who takes the screening process seriously and diligently. Thorough screening services protect surrogates, intended parents and surrogacy agencies in several ways:

  1. Ensuring she has the proper support that she requires – The surrogate’s spouse or partner is often also included in the screening process to ensure her family understands and is giving in to the surrogacy process.
  2. Making sure that the surrogate understands the process – Surrogacy is a serious commitment, and many women express interest in surrogacy before they are truly ready to commit to the process.

Ensuring that she is emotionally available for surrogacy – Psychological evaluations are also included in most surrogate screening processes to further educate prospective surrogates about the emotional ups and downs of the process. These services also evaluate her support system and her feelings toward surrogacy.

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