Bad Posture

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I can bet posture is the last thing that comes to your mind too often, right?

You could be sitting there doing some project or playing video games. Probably, you must have felt exhausted or pain in some parts of your body.

Surprisingly, these experiences are not normal at all. They’re a result of poor posture and can negatively affect your health.

Please read on for some of the surprising effects of bad posture on your health.

1. Causes Neck, Back, and Shoulder Pain

A poor posture, such as sitting in a slouched position for a longer time, places more stress on your upper body. And this can be worse if your body is not supported properly.

Such a posture can also result in misalignment in your spine causing more pain and joint stress as the body tries to redistribute the weight and stress to compensate the slouching.

This forces the joints to bear more and more weight and you’ll feel pain in your neck, back, shoulders and other parts of the body.

But there’s a solution to every problem, right?

In this case, you need to have a posture corrector to help solve this and other related problems.

2. Fatigue and Sleep Problems

You will tend to feel more fatigued than normal if you adopt a poor posture.

Your body will try to keep the body in the right posture position and this will require more energy to be expended.

Additionally, bad posture can cause alignment changes that will prevent you from finding a comfortable position to sleep. And you may hardly get some sleep at night.

3. Headaches

Perhaps you may be wondering how this is possible. After all, headaches can be triggered by several factors, right?

But did you know that your posture plays a role?

Well, yes it does. If your head stays in front of your trunk and shoulders for some time, you’ll feel a headache which begins in the base of your neck and radiates up.

This is because positioning your head this way will place more stress on the muscles and joints in your upper neck.

4. Causes Digestive Problems

A bad posture can make you have some stomach problems such as heartburn.

Such a posture can also prevent digestion from taking place. For instance, a slouched posture will compress your abdominal organs, making it difficult for your body to digest food and constipation may be inevitable.

This also reduces your metabolism and affect how your body takes up and process food, causing life-altering metabolic issues.

5. Depression and Stress

Your body will be prevented from working optimally when it’s constricted and slouched and this leads to a poor mood.

Maintaining a seated position for a longer time slows down most of your internal processes. And your energy levels will decrease making you feel aggravated, tired, and irritable.

This posture also forces your lungs and heart to work extra harder to pump blood and circulate oxygen causing undue stress on your muscles and internal organs.

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You’ve learned about most of the common effects of bad posture on your health – stress, digestion problems, and pain in some parts of your body.

Regular exercising not only helps you attain body fitness but also strengthens your core making it able to maintain your body in an upright position for quite some time.

Also, look out for other relevant themed blogs to learn more about bad posture and possible solutions.

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