Spinal Stenosis Pain Management

Back pain may be common, but in some cases, it may be a serious condition that may prevent you from enjoying your daily life.

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But if your back pain is preventing you from experiencing them, it is time to visit a spine and pain center Greenbelt MD to get specialized care.

Understanding Spinal Stenosis and Why You Need Specialised Care

Spinal Stenosis is a condition wherein an individual nerve-root canals or the spinal canal start to narrow.

Due to the reduction in space, the spinal cord and nerve roots get compressed, resulting in lower back pains, cramps, and pain in the lower extremity.

Hence, only trained professionals in the spine and pain center in Greenbelt, MD, should handle your case to ensure proper treatment. Diagnosing Spinal Stenosis is difficult since the symptoms are similar to a lot of age-related issues.

Medical professionals may need imaging such as MRIs, X-rays, and CT scans to make a proper diagnosis.

What Can Be the Cause of Spinal Stenosis?

Degeneration of the spinal cord and canal due to age may be the cause of spinal stenosis. With 18.35% of people in Maryland above 60, you can find many such cases here.

Virtually everyone in the population may suffer from spinal degeneration as a result of aging.

However, in most cases, natural spinal stenosis may not require pain management treatments.

Should You Go to An Integrated Spine Clinic?

With integrated spine clinics, you do not have to worry about visiting different specialist offices.

These clinics offer comprehensive help where trained professionals with other specialists take a look at your case. It reduces the burden of going to different places and helps you get your treatment much faster.

When considering treatment options, visiting an integrated spine clinic is the ideal choice.

When Should You Seek Treatment?

You must seek treatment as soon as you can. Starting treatment early can go a long way in ensuring that you do not face severe complications later on.

When in doubt, you should be proactive about seeking treatment and getting your condition diagnosed by a skilled professional.

What are some treatments for Spinal Stenosis?

Depending on your condition, your healthcare professional may provide a specific treatment. Generally, the standard treatments for this condition are:

Massages and Topical Pain Relievers

The most common treatment for spinal stenosis may be massages and the use of topical or over-the-counter pain relievers.

Medicines can help in relieving tight and sore muscles and provide temporary relief from the pain.

Keep in mind that although you may be prescribed topical medicines, they should only be used under medical supervision.

Heat Therapy

Heating relaxes the muscles and stimulates your blood flow, which helps in accelerating the process of healing and pain relief.

Thus, applying heat over the affected area is a common way of treating Spinal Stenosis. Keep in mind that one should exercise caution when using this method.

Ice Treatments

Applying ice to the affected area numbs the pain. Although this only provides temporary relief, it is a common way people can help relieve their spinal stenosis pain while they are at home.

Understanding what spinal stenosis is, how it should be diagnosed and treated is crucial to know how to proceed with treatment.

Ensure that you always go to a trained professional when you want a diagnosis for your ailment.

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