Skin Care
Proper winter skin preparation is essential as it will make sure that your skin will not get damaged during the colder months, also it is possible to use winter to repair some of the damage from sun exposure and excess heat.
However, during winter the skin is going to become dryer and it will get more irritated, which in turn means that you will have to take better care of your skin. Moreover, during the colder months, the weather is going to be harsher and if you have some underlying skin problems, they will tend to flare up during winter.
Even with perfectly healthy skin, it is vital to keep it well moisturized and under proper care so that your skin does not develop any problems with dryness and irritation.

Chapped lips and skin
Another big issue during winter is that our lips become dry and flaky, and in order to get rid of it there are a few methods we can use. For starters, after you brush your teeth, you can use some toothpaste and scrub it on your lips, to help get rid of the dead flaky skin, and to help the skin repair itself. Lip balms and lip chap-sticks are a must during winter, if you want to avoid dryness and easy irritation. But stay clear of regular lipstick as it tends to further dry out the skin.
Skin Care Winter
With skin you cannot unfortunately use balms, but you can help get rid of the dead skin by using tougher towels and by making sure that you scrub problematic areas more in order to help the underlying skin grow faster.

There are many balms, gels and scrubs you can use to get rid of dead skin and help the skin beneath regenerate faster, but you must remember that chemicals peels can further irritate the skin; do not use exfoliation if you are in a hurry or your skin will be visibly irritated and damaged.

Skin care products
If you already have a skin care routine you follow daily, then you should definitely stick to it, even during winter months. However, if you are just starting to figure out the perfect routine then it is time to remember a few simple rules about skin care and products used during winter.
Whichever cleanser you are using, will do finely in colder weather, but you need be careful how your skin will react and monitor if you need to change anything. Moreover, after each cleansing you must follow the other steps to make sure that your skin stays elastic, young and irritation free.

This is perhaps the most important part of any skin care routine, you will have to remember to moisturize every time you feel your skin is feeling dry, and after every exfoliating session. The point of this is to keep as much as possible moisture in your skin, but avoid products that contain collagen, as those products tend to be more expensive and do not work as well as other moisturizing products.

The last part of any routine should be reparation and protection of your skin. Because during winter you are not as exposed to the sun like in the summer, now is the perfect chance to repair damages you got during summer. However, be very careful with the Sun even during winter as it can still give you nasty sunburns if your skin is very sensitive; remember to apply sunscreen when you will be spending a lot of time in open with a lot of Sun exposure.

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