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Visiting the dentist regularly is a well-known thing among a majority of people. But did you know that is vital for a baby’s dental hygiene to be checked out from time to time? A child’s milk teeth are prone to encounter a lot of oral problems, with tooth decay being the most common issue parents face regularly.

Most parents are still jostling with the question on what could be the appropriate time to start taking a child to the dentist. Experts say that the first visit should be after six months since this is the time when teething is likely to begin. Starting dental visits earlier in the life of the kid will help you as a parent to form an essential routine of visiting the dentist regularly. It has also been established by a Vancouver dentist who has dealt with so many cases of children who had teeth problems in their early years.

Importance of brushing teeth

Do you know the need of brushing your teeth on a daily basis? If yes the same reason applies to the teeth of a child. Many times the mouth has been referred to as “the window of your health” so if by any chance you develop a terrible dental health, you are prone to other health problems. This is enabled by the cavities and decay-causing bacteria which is likely to spread to other parts of the body through small ulcers in the gum tissue or saliva.

To ensure the teeth are healthy for a long time, children should be enlightened on the importance of good dental health care through daily flossing and be brushing the teeth at least twice a day. For better results, the tooth health care habits need to be done under supervision on a regular basis. In this write-up, several reasons are given on the significance of brushing a child’s teeth.

  1. Milk teeth can damage permanent teeth – If a child starts suffering from cavities when they are still using milk teeth, possibilities of the problem spreading to the permanent teeth is high. If the tooth worsens, removal is inevitable meaning the other teeth shift into this position making it difficult for the permanent tooth to grow.
  2. Absence from school- More pupils are failing to attend school meaning losing so much on the subjects which were thought. Most of the times tooth decay issues go unnoticed, and if the problem is not addressed correctly, it could end up being a menace to the child.
  3. Poor oral hygiene may lead to deterioration of a child’s overall health – Poor dental health aids in transferring bacteria to the rest of the body via the saliva of gum tissue causing potential risks like stroke, dementia, heart attack, pregnancy complications for expectant mothers, and diabetes mellitus.

How to assist a child in achieving care for their teeth

Teaching a child on the proper way to care for their teeth is an investment for their oral health that will last a lifetime. Brushing along with them on a daily basis will let a child understand the need to have an excellent oral hygiene lifestyle, which they will apply until their future years. For them to achieve the proper habits, you need to teach them the following habits.

  1. Take the child to the dentist for regular check-ups.
  2. Dental products that have fluoride including toothpaste should be used from the onset for them to understand its importance.
  3. Have them eat starchy foods that limit the amount of sugar since too much sugar causes plaque and can quickly lead to tooth decay.
  4. Teeth should be brushed on a daily basis with accepted fluoride toothpaste.

Also always check in case a child’s tooth chips or breaks after falling and the best way to deal with such an incident is to take them to the dentist to offer the maximum treatment. It is without a doubt that caring for the teeth of a child can be an uphill task, especially for first-time parents. You do not need to fret as all you require are simple steps.

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