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Though camping is interesting, there is something enriching about putting your personal items in a backpack and trailing into the forest or the woods. It may sound simple but there are important things to note before walking into enchanted territories without knowledge. Here are few tips to guide you through an exciting backpacking trip;

  1. Ensure your luggage is light. Too much baggage will slow you and your companions down. Besides, you will need enough energy to walk and enjoy your surroundings at the same time. You don’t want to pack a lot of items and then not use them. That would not be pretty considering the weight you had to persevere on your back. Consider the following tips when choosing a backpack: (See also: Hiking and Walking: Explore the World on Foot)
  • Durability
  • Water Resistance
  • Space
  • Comfort
  1. Make use of the numerous safe, cheap, and comfy camping grounds set aside for visitors in many countries. In addition, most of these campsites have a camping kitchen. There is a thrilling experience behind sleeping under the stars while animal sounds surround you under a tent. If you have a spacious backpack, consider tucking in an air mattress. You need to sleep well away from your bed.
  2. In case camping doesn’t match your interest; there are hundreds of friendly hostels available for backpackers. Most of them have a kitchen but it is always advisable to personally handpick groceries to avoid food poisoning or allergically reaction. Another thing you can opt for is to travel at night. Book a train that’s traveling at night and wake up in your destination in the morning. This way, you will end up saving some cash.
  3. Having snacks tucked in your bag can help you save a lot of money and energy. Local vendors tend to take advantage of foreigners where cash is concerned. Never lack water in your backpack. Using water bottles is the most common way of carrying water. It’s very important to rehydrate every now and then.
  4. Walking is better than taking a cab/taxi as long as you stick to the populated paths. It will not only save you money but also keep you safe from kidnappers and petty robbers. Walking is a form of exercise and therefore, you will be doing your body some justice walking.
  5. Though a country may be highly decorated in tourism activities, be wary of scam artists. They are experts at spotting a tourist from miles away. It is easy for locals to lay a trap for foreigners; therefore, be on high alert and observe where most people go to eat, drink, and shop. Walking around will help you master the safest routes to take and spots to relax at.
  6. Always travel with a group; it is cheap, safe, and exciting. With several people to share the experience, one is likely to cover more ground, see more than you expected, and have a lot of fun. Locals tend to shy away from scamming, trapping, or overcharging a group of tourists. Finally, never stray away from your travel group; being a lone wolf is freeing but there is strength in numbers.
  7. Eat local. You might consider eating from your new location. Try new food that you have never tasted. You could be surprised how sweet they taste. Buy the food on the streets. However, you need to be careful not to get food poisoning.
  8. Take pictures. You need to create memories, so you need to carry your camera. Alternatively, you can use your phone if it has a good camera. You can also use the photos to describe the experience to your audiences on your blog or social media accounts and especially Instagram.
  9. Always network and make new friends. Try learning the local language and culture. Keep the contacts even after you have left, you might need them later.

As you plan to get out for a backpacking trip, never forget your handheld GPS. One of the common mistakes that I have seen most people make is not carrying the hiking essentials. Also, make sure you carry only what you will need. Travel to a new destination and enjoy while observing the above points.

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