Skin Care

Not everyone has access to a skincare expert. Do we?

Right or maybe – you are wrong.

You already know the importance. But I know what the majority of the people do

They underestimate.

& the reason?

It’s time-consuming. Especially for men.

But, today we will share a few uncommon, less expensive yet effective skin care tips that you can follow in your day to day life without investing hell lot of time.

But first, let’s look :

Why skincare is important:

When it comes to skincare, nobody wants to lag behind and witness the beauty of other blooming. In today’s world, either it is men or women; they want the best of everything for themselves.

Gone are the days when only girls used to fret about their skin problems and would go an extra mile to achieve the glowing-and-smoothest-Angelina Jolie type skin, men are equally winning this race to get the best-looking skin, because, why not?

This world has become the busiest runway, whoever gets to walk on it should be the best, no spot for amateurs.

If you’re a diva, 10 points more if a goddess, then your seat is already reserved, the seat where you become the center of attention of your clique and outside of your social circle, too if you try harder.

To make things understandable, your skin is what depicts and represents you. The first thing people notice about you is your skin, the healthier it is, the healthier you are from inside.

When you take care of your skin, nourishes it and provides it with more than its need, you absolutely are returned back in the form of better, glowing and flawless skin.

It is yours to take care; no one else is going to tend to it. Better late than never, start taking special care of what is the biggest organ of your body, your skin.

here are many tips and tricks for skincare to start from, and no doubt all of them work. But, have you ever heard, less is more? The lesser popular the remedy, the most effective it is. So, we bring you the best 10 least popular tips for skincare, and that too, for both men and women. Thank you later!

Uncommon Skin Care Tips For Men:

Men are often mistaken for not caring about their health, let alone skincare. It is true to some extent, but these days, men do take their belongings seriously.

Due to tough competition in every existent department, either it is a career, personal life such as dating or friendships, men are deeply engrossed in winning the battle.

All of them want the trophy, not just for their work, also for their good physical appearance. We bring some of the infamous yet most effective tips for men:

For their facial hair:

Men and facial hair is the most normal combination ever thought of, they are inseparable. That is why; beard stands first on the list to be discussed.

a man with facial hair

The easiest tip to maintain a healthy and thick beard is Onion. Yes, you read that right. It is onion juice that helps in extra growth of facial hair along with less hair fall.

Onion juice contains sulfur which is an essential element for producing new hair. It also helps to strengthen the hair.

Take 1-2 onions and grind them to squeeze out its juice. Apply this juice to patchy areas devoid of hair.

For Their Dull skin:

due to constant negligence, man’s skin is duller and rougher. For brightening up the skin, moisturizing it is mandatory.

Usually, their skin lacks moisture and nourishment which makes the skin look completely lifeless and toned down.

The quicker remedy to give back the skin what it desperately needs is petroleum jelly. It is the always-available-at-home product that is sufficient to provide the skin with instant moisture.

No need to buy expensive moisturizers and follow its strict routine. Its application is as easy as any lotion/cream, take a pea-sized amount of petroleum jelly in your hands and rub on the face slowly, make sure to cover all areas.

For their pimples:

Men complain about acne and pimples just as many women do because puberty is not a sexist. It affects both the gender equality, regardless of nature.

having acne

Acne or regular pimples are the results of inflammation caused by an antigen, for an effective trick, pick neem leaves from its tree and grind them to make a paste, add water if needed.

This pulp is a potent antibiotic that kills the bad guy and reduces inflammation which diminishes a pimple.

For Their Smelly Feet:

Uh-Oh! Another relationship of men we can’t ignore. Unfortunately, it is not their fault as they wear close-packed shoes e.g. joggers, office wear, and dress shoes, etc which often make the feet smelly.

For eliminating the smell, take the compound commonly known and stored as an alum. Alum resembles the shape of rock in white color.

Rub alum on the plantar surface of your feet, in between toes and all over to get rid of the smell.

For Razor burn and bumps:

The unbelievable tip for razor bumps alcohol. Alcohol works as an antiseptic and reduces the formation of ingrown hair.

Rubbing the alcohol on the skin which suffers from razor burn or bumps soothes the skin and heals any cut present. Take a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and gently dab it onto the skin for a few minutes.

Lesser-Known Skin Care Tips For Women:

Do women live a constant battle of who-has-the-best-skin? They literally can go overboard for maintaining softer and glowing skin as their first love is always their beauty. Talk about remedies and products; they know everything before even mentioning. They have been there, done that. This is why; we have less popular solutions for all their self-declared incurable problems.

Aloe Vera with milk:

this might seem a weird mix but this partnership can do wonders. Aloe vera gel with few drops of raw milk helps to whiten and brighten the skin.

aloe vera

It removes any visible spots and diminishes wrinkles. Cut an aloe vera leaf into two, sprinkle few drops of raw milk on the gel and rub that side of the leaf on the skin.

Cupping massage:

it is known as cupping massage because of the use of silicon cups during the procedure. Silicon cups are easily available in the market and are cheap in price. Olive oil is applied to the skin after which silicon cup sticks to the skin and creates a vacuum. Now, this cup is moved along the contours of the face to lift up the skin. The vacuum creation and dragging the cup stimulate the blood circulation to a great extent which cleanses all the toxins and helps to rejuvenate the skin, resulting in a thriving and glowing skin.


cellulite is the most hated nuisance any woman can have, and we bet, all of them do. Cellulite is loose and bumpy skin around thighs, arms of the back of the thighs that creates an ugly sight to look at.

It’s a common cause is an ineffective lymphatic system that does not successfully remove all the toxins from the body.

The top solution is a brush. The method is called dry brushing which is proven to reduce cellulite and gives healthier-looking skin and body.

This works by increasing blood and lymphatic circulation which then works together to remove all the harmful substances from the body.

The brush is stroked on the body in the direction towards the heart. This is done every day for 5-10 minutes for faster results.

Skin tan:

I just returned from an amazing vacation in Australia? Your tanned skin confirms from every bit of activity you did there, sunbathing is topping the list.

But whiter skin is no more than 15 minutes away. Try baking powder mixed with a little bit of water to create a bubbling and fuming mixture, apply this on the affected areas and massage well. You’ll be amazed by the results.

Skin whitening:

another tip for skin whitening as the demand is sky-high. Brighter skin is an attractive everyone dies for.

The brightness is not only confined to the fair complexion, but dark complexion can also equally be the brightest and glowing. Banana peel is rich in antioxidants and potassium which reduces the dark spots and pigmentation of the skin.

It also has immense benefits in treating puffy eyes to make the eyes stand out. It controls the oil production cycle which helps oily skin in check.


The moral of the story is nothing beats the natural products we’ve been underestimating since forever.

It is high time we stop using high-end, exorbitant and useless products made my multi-billionaire companies for fooling us.

All of them use natural substances along with chemicals that our skin doesn’t need to create a magical skincare product only for minimally $100. With stated natural remedies yet to gain popularity and fame, your skin will be at its best.

Softer and glowing skin is a gift that comes after you take special care of your skin’s cleanliness and hygiene.

Always wash and cleanse your face to get rid of dirt stuck in the pores. Every substance works faster and significantly if the target (skin) is cleaner and free of germs.

So, try out the above goodies and get the glow!

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