Get Your Hair Colored

Quality hair dye provides an effective way to break the monotony when it comes to your personal style. It is also an easy and cost-effective way to enhance your ordinary tresses and cover signs of old age.

If you are contemplating whether to have your hair dyed or not, here are 10 reasons you should have it colored.

1. To cover grey hair

Coloring your hair helps you amp your look and maintain a youthful glow. If you are not looking to change your whole appearance, you can have your stylist from Lux Hair Lounge color only the grey or white hair strands.

2. Compliment your features

Do you feel like your natural hair color does not compliment your features or skin tone? Consider coloring it. Colored hair can help brighten your skin tone appearance and make some of your features pop.

For instance, a complementary shade can help flatter your eyes, highlight your cheekbones and even play as a distraction if you have a skin condition you would want to conceal.

3. Strengthen your hair

If you have slightly damaged or weak hair, you should consider dying it. Hair color adds an extra layer or coating to your hair, making it stronger.

The added coating also helps protect your hair from environmental factors such as dust, dirt, polluted air, temperature changes, and excessive heat, to mention a few, which contribute to weak hair.

4. Keep up with trends

With colored hair, you can recreate the looks you see on runways to keep up with style or trendsetters. You could also use the weather as an inspiration to apply trendy colors to your hair.

For instance, you could darken your hair during winter and lighten it in the summertime. Using dye is an effective way to play up your natural hair, whether you just want to switch color between the weather seasons or are a stunt trend follower.

5. Add volume

Hair color is beneficial if you have thin or fine hair since it adds body to your tresses and volume. Hair color also adds an extra coating to your hair, making it appear thicker and voluminous.

You should opt for semi-permanent hair color for added strength and volume and make your hair healthier.

6. Self-image

Hair color does more than change your style. It also reflects your personality, mood and revitalizes how you view yourself.

Dying your hair is also an effective way to express yourself and showcase your individuality to the world.

7. Stand out

Do you always feel unseen in your group of friends?

You should consider dying your hair. Hair color helps you to stand out and is an excellent conversation starter. With dyed hair, you also do not have to worry about getting lost when traveling.

Your friends can easily find you in a crowd. You do not have to dye your entire head to stand out. You could simply choose to dip dye your hair.

8. Shine and dimension

If you want to make your hair appear more exciting and vibrant, consider dying it. Hair color helps create varied hues that can pick up and reflect light in distinct ways giving it depth, interest, and a rich, beautiful glow.

9. It is good for your hair

A common misconception about dye is that it can damage your natural hair. This is untrue since hair dye contains essential ingredients that help seal down the cuticles making your hair healthier, more robust, and voluminous. Dye also smoothes frizzy hair and handles flyaways, making your hair appear neater.

10. It does not have to be permanent

Dying your color pink may be exciting at first, but you may change your mind a few days into the new look. You do not have to keep the color any longer than you would want to.

There are temporary dyes that can help you achieve your desired look, including hair gel, powder, hair spray dye, and hair chalk, to mention a few. These dyes wear out as soon as you wash them.


Hair dye is an excellent way to cover grey hair, keep up with trends, strengthen and add hair volume while improving your self-image.

Ensure that you opt for quality dyes packed with natural ingredients and hire an experienced stylist to achieve the desired look.

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