Breast Augmentation

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The decision to undergo breast augmentation is always an exciting one but as with any major surgical procedure, it’s important to be armed with the right information.

This guide will give you a better idea of what you can expect as you start this journey.

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12 Breast Augmentation Basics

1. Breast Implants Last an Average of 10 Years

Most women can bargain on their implants lasting at least 10 years but in some cases, they do last even longer. If your implants are still perfectly fine after the first decade, don’t feel obliged to replace or remove them unless you truly want to.

A lot happens in 10 years though and life events such as pregnancy and weight fluctuations can change the appearance of your breasts. Some women find that after 10 years, implants no longer fit in with their lifestyle and they decide to remove them anyway.

2. Your Implant Will Either Be a Round or Teardrop Shape

Once you decide to go ahead with breast augmentation, you will need to choose an implant shape. Along with deciding on a round or teardrop shape, you will also need to choose a coating and a projection. Each option has its own pros and cons that your surgeon will take you through.

3. Your Implant Will Be Filled with Silicone or Saline

Your breast implant filling is yet another choice that you will need to make during this process. Saline is less harmful if your implant happens to burst but it doesn’t always produce the most natural results. Silicone, on the other hand, looks very natural and there is a new cohesive silicone gel that can be used to reduce risks in the event of a rupture.

4. Choosing the Correct Size Implant Matters

If you want to achieve results that look natural, it’s important to choose an implant size that suits the shape of your body. Your surgeon at Form and Face clinic in Sydney will take you through your size options and even use a specialist bra so that you can experience the different sizes. While ultimately you do have the final say in terms of size, it’s always a good idea to listen to your surgeon’s professional recommendations.

5. Fat Transfer is Also an Option

While implants are the preferred option for enlarging the size of breasts, fat transfer can also be used. During a fat transfer procedure, excess fat will be removed from another area of your body, processed, and transplanted in the breasts. To be a suitable candidate for a fat transfer procedure though, you will need to have enough excess fat and have realistic expectations as only a moderate increase can be achieved.

6. You Will Still Be Able to Breastfeed

Most women are able to breastfeed following surgery provided they didn’t have any problems prior to the procedure. When a breast augmentation is paired with a breast lift or nipple correction, there is a higher chance of not being able to breastfeed as optimally as you once did.

7. You, Will, Need to Prepare for Discomfort

Even though a local anesthetic will be placed along the incision lines and you will receive a prescription for pain medication, you will experience some discomfort following your surgery. It’s during your recovery that a positive mentality and a good support system will really be important.

8. Ruptures are Possible

A change in the size or shape of one or both of your breasts could be a sign that your implant/s has ruptured. Patients will also experience hardness and pain. Contact your surgeon as soon as you can if you believe that your implant has ruptured. For more information, we recommend visiting the Form and Face clinic Sydney website.

9. Mammograms are Still Possible Too

You will still be able to go for regular mammograms following breast augmentation. However, you should always let your radiology center know about your implants so that a special technique can be used.

10. Weight Gain is Not Uncommon

You can expect to gain at least one kilogram after your procedure because of the weight of your implants. Fluid retention is another cause of weight gain after your surgery but you will lose this weight as the fluid subsides.

11. Expect to Feel Much More Confident

A number of surveys show that women who undergo breast augmentation definitely experience a confidence boost, so get ready to feel even better about your appearance once you’re fully recovered.

12. Cost Vary Between Clinics

The cost of your surgery will depend on how much work needs to be done. Some women may need to pair breast augmentation with a lift to achieve their desired result. Make sure that your surgeon provides you with a detailed quotation so that you know exactly what it includes.

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