Breast Augmentation Journey

Breast augmentation is an incredible surgery that can provide patients with outstanding benefits and a renewed outlook on their self-image.

However, breast augmentation is still a significant procedure that is a journey for many patients. Some essential aspects of breast augmentation can help you prepare for your surgery and the steps necessary to get there.

Realistic Expectations For A Remarkable Outcome

Breast augmentation is a fantastic procedure that helps many patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

However, it’s essential to have realistic expectations and understand what is and isn’t possible. While certain implants can appear more natural, breast augmentation is mainly focused on enhancing the size of the breasts.

It cannot change the position or shape of the breast tissue. You will see a remarkable outcome if you have realistic expectations.

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CC Size vs. Cup Size: Deciphering Breast Implant Sizes

Breast implant sizing can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with the measurement. Breast implants are not measured by cup sizes but rather by cubic centimeters.

However, the right breast augmentation surgeon can help guide you through the sizing chart to find your ideal size enhancement.

However, 300cc to 370cc can range from an A to C cup size, while 400cc to 500cc can go from a C to DD. The largest breast implants are 800cc and provide the most amount of volume. These are general sizes because they heavily rely on the patient’s unique figure and preference.

How many cc go in each cup size?

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Numb Nipples: What to Know About Temporary Changes

While many patients worry about permanent changes in their nipple sensation, it is rare for a breast augmentation to cause permanent loss of nipple sensation.

However, most patients will experience a temporary loss or increased sensitivity in that area due to the body healing and the nerves adjusting.

Remember that this is temporary and should fade after a few weeks.

Time Off and Recovery: Preparing For Your Post-Op Journey

Be prepared to take at least a few days to a week of downtime. Although many patients can return to some daily routines after three or four days, it typically takes a week before you are up and about.

Even then, be gentle and do not participate in physical activities. Be sure you have a loved one to help you with daily tasks and take the necessary time off work to allow your body time to heal.

Evolving Changes: Managing Expectations As Your Body Transforms

Managing Expectations As Your Body Transforms

Just like your new breasts will take time to settle, so will your body. Surgery of any kind causes stress on the body, and with a new size adjustment in the breasts, your body will need time to settle.

Avoid buying any expensive bras until the breast implants have ultimately settled into their final look.

The Big Reveal: Your First Look at Your New Breasts

We know you are probably dreaming of the first time you get to see your new figure.

However, your breast implants will most likely look strange when you first see them. This is entirely normal, so there’s no need to panic.

The implants will need time to settle and drop to the right area on the chest, so when you first see them, they may appear too high or awkwardly set.

Remember, this is temporary, and they will begin to settle after a few weeks.

Investing In Your Confidence: The Price of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation Long Island is an investment in your confidence and self-image. While the price of breast implants can vary between providers, implant type, and surgical methods, they aren’t cheap.

The average cost of a breast augmentation is anywhere from $5,000 to $12,000 or higher, depending on your specific surgery. It’s best to start saving for your procedure and find a payment plan that works for you.

Flexibility And Options: Knowing You Can Have Implants Removed

A comforting aspect is that if you have any complications or are unsatisfied with your breast implants, you can always have them removed. Breast augmentation has come a long way, and every patient has many options and flexibility.

Open Communication: The Vital Role Of Your Surgeon

Perhaps the most vital part of breast augmentation to consider is the role of your surgeon.

Finding a highly trained and certified cosmetic surgeon is essential to a successful breast augmentation. The right provider should be able to take your goals, unique figure, and needs to provide an incredible transformation.

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