Dogs are perceived as full members of our families in which we invest time and emotions.

We aim to create a strong bond and make our dogs feel happy. We take care of them and give them treats and toys as they are our babies.

When it comes to exploring emotions in dogs and how dogs display them, scientists are continuously researching and discovering new things.

The most frequent concern among dog owners is if their four-legged friends truly love them.

At, we have analyzed the most frequent signs of love dogs usually display.

Eye contact


#1. Eye contact

Making eye contact with their owners means dogs really love them. Generally, eye contact is related to engagement and paying attention.

In the dog world, eye contact is a sign of aggression. When eye contact is made between a dog and its owner and the dog gazes back with relaxed eyes, it is a sign that he is feeling comfortable and happy.

When your dog looks at you, oxytocin, known as the happiness hormone, is released.

Happy mood


#2. Happy mood

If you are eagerly greeted at the front door by your dog every time you arrive home, you should know that this is love in its truest form.

Furthermore, if your dog runs happily when you call him, eventually stopping from what he is doing, this is a sign of affection.

He comes to you because he loves you and you are his main priority.

Facial expressions


#3. Facial expressions

A recent study conducted in Japan showed that dogs tend to shift their left ear back and lift their left eyebrows when seeing someone they are bonded to.

When they dislike something or someone, they shift their ear right and lift their right eyebrow.

Sniffing your scent


#4. Sniffing your scent

Your scent activates the reward center of your dog’s brain similar to humans who were shown pictures of people they love. If your dog is sniffing you carefully, he loves your scent and, implicitly, you.

 Playing with you


#5. Playing with you

Getting playful and trying to wrestle with you is a natural way of playing and showing his affection. This type of playing is frequently met between pups that are playing with one another and it keeps the relationship strong.

Wagging the tail


#6. Wagging the tail

Tail wagging is a complex gesture that can have a lot of different meanings, depending on the context. It is often displayed towards dog owners as a sign of affection.

If your dog gives a full-body wag with the tail held at mid-height, he is for sure happy and excited to see you.

If he is wagging his tail from the right side of his rear, it is a clear sign of love. You may notice that his body language is showing other signs of comfort and excitement.

Snuggling with you


#7. Snuggling with you

If you notice that your dog is curling up, leaning on you, and sleeping with a head on your feet or laying a paw on your knee, he loves you and enjoys being with you.

Smiling at you


#8. Smiling at you

When your dog keeps his mouth open and relaxed, he is calm and happy to see you. It is his way to smile at you.

Sleeping with you


#9. Sleeping with you

Dogs are pack creatures that love activities together, including sleeping because they make them feel safe and stay warm. Of course, this is also a display of affection.

Jumping on you


#10. Jumping on you

Whether you like it or not, jumping on you is a clear sign of affection. Your dog gets excited to see you and he wants to connect with you.

If you are not happy with this type of behavior, you can teach your dog to use other ways to display his affection.

Following you around


#11. Following you around

If you are asking why your dog is following you everywhere, you should know that one reason may be because he loves you and likes to stick by your side and be in your company.

Other reasons may be because he recognizes you as his source of food and shelter.

Bringing you his favorite toy


#12. Bringing you his favorite toy

If your dog is used to bring you his favorite toy, you should know that this is a sign of his deep affection. It is the most loved object he has and the most tangible gift he could offer you.

Yawning with you


#13. Yawning with you

Yawning is known for being contagious and a recent study revealed that it shows empathy in us. If you notice your dog yawns with you, it means that he has a strong bond with you.

Chances are he may not display the same behavior when it comes to strangers.

Although there are many types of signs of affection and love, you don’t need to deeply investigate them.

If your dog truly loves you, it’s impossible not to feel this authentic feeling which stands for each interaction between you and your canine friend.

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Alex Robinson works as a marketing specialist for Premierpups, a website where you can find the cutest Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale. He loves his 3-year-old dog and hasn’t left his side ever since he adopted him.

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