Health Benefits of Dog Foods - Do I Need to Add Them to My Dog Diet?

‘You’re what you eat.’

Though it sounds like a cliché, this saying rings true for both humans and pets. Unfortunately, most commercial pet foods aren’t as nutritious as you would like.

According to professional nutritionists, eating fast foods daily makes you likely feel a little unhealthy.

But fear not, because there’s a solution that’s not only nutritious but also keeps your pet safe: bully sticks and long-term chew holders. These nifty devices securely hold treats like bully sticks, collagen sticks, and more, preventing choking hazards. With over 200,000 vet visits a year due to choking and intestinal obstruction from chews, it’s a game-changer for pet safety.

However, if you eat healthy in your garden and kitchen, you are more likely to feel healthy. Similarly, your dog needs a healthy diet.

Here are the top health benefits of dog foods and why you must add them to your furry buddy’s diet.

1. Disease treatment and prevention

Just like with people, a fresh pet food diet rich in high-quality protein and immune-boosting antioxidants helps ward off dog ailments.

Most experienced vets argue that many dog disease symptoms can be turned around when the pet is given the right food with the recommended nutritional profile.

Most commercial dog foods made in factories contain ingredients. When you couple inferior ingredients in commercial dog food with fillers, preservatives, synthetic vitamins, and dyes you’re simply setting your dog’s body up for warfare.

The best digestion system has to battle these kinds of foods to process them successfully. Fresh dog food with human-grade ingredients can be the ideal diet option for your dog.

2. Manage the dog’s weight

Keeping a pet at a healthy weight is within your control.

A recent survey published in Preventive Veterinary Medicine journal reported that 3% of obesity cases in pets are attributed to pet-specific factors such as illness or genetic quirk.

On the other hand, 97% of obesity cases in dogs are attributed to how the dog is fed and exercised.

Much commercial dog food contains heavy starch and fillers. Food ingredients such as potatoes, corn, wheat, and rice are very affordable, and manufacturers use these ingredients so that they can make more money.

A diet heavy on different types of starch could lead to weight gain in both humans and pets. To help your dog keep weight on or if you’re expecting to be exercising your dog heavily consider buying protein powder for dogs.

3. Improve the dog’s digestive health

Improve the dog’s digestive health

A perfect mix of meat and vegetables is important for your dog to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Just think about it. If your dog was in the wild, it would l take down squirrels, rabbits, and birds. Some of these small animals consume herbs, and that means your dog will be taking meat and vegetables at the same time. This keeps the digestive system very healthy.

When you switch from these natural foods to commercial pet food, the dog’s digestive system is likely to be clean.

Remember, there has been a wide recall of many brands of dog nutrition. That means that you must pay attention to the specific commercial foods that you buy for your furry buddy.

You can use the “Nutra Thrive coupon code” to buy nutrition for your pet.

Your dog’s belly deserves some love too! A mix of meat and veggies keeps it happy. But wait, what about those pesky choking hazards from chews?

4. Increase the pet’s lifespan

Most dogs fed a fresh diet can live for 13.1 years. On the other hand, dogs that depend on commercial and canned dog food are expected to live for an average of 10.4 years.

That means giving your furry buddy a fresh diet gives you two and a half more years to spend together.

Preservatives, starch, synthetic nutrients, and dyes found in commercial pet foods are likely to take a toll on your dog’s health.

Just think about it, you can live on beer and potato chips alone, but not for a long time. The same goes for your pet’s diet and health.

Sooner or later, the negative impact of commercial pet foods will catch up with your furry buddy’s health. When diet alone doesn’t seem to be enough, veterinary compounding is a rising solution to many animal health complications.

5. Better coats and skin

Better coats and skin

Most dogs suffer from various skin problems such as dry coats, itching, and rashes. Though pet parents chalk these symptoms up to pet allergies, these skin problems are caused by filler in processed dry pet food.

Keep in mind that a fresh diet rich in fatty acids can keep the dog’s coat and skin hydrated. That means the dog will be soft and you will always want to spend more time with it.

6. Faster and stronger

Do you remember Popeye?

He was right. Eating spinach can help strengthen muscles and promote better health. Your pet may not scarf canned spinach like this famous sailor man.

However, a fresh diet offers the same health benefits.

7. Makes your dog smarter

According to a recent study, a healthy diet could improve the overall cognitive function of dogs. Therefore, you should focus on feeding your dog healthy foods rich in antioxidants.

Human food rich in antioxidants is known to improve cognitive function. It is recommended to do the same for your pet.

Wrap up

Most fresh and dog-friendly foods are found in your kitchen. That means it is a lot easier to add healthy foods to your dog’s diet than you previously thought. Just make sure your furry buddy is getting enough nutrients and stays healthy.

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