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Homeownership comes with an array of new responsibilities. In fact, you’ll find so many things to do that it can be easy to ignore what seems like minor chores, such as swapping out the air filters. Neglecting these small tasks, however, can put your family’s health at risk. Watch for these three upkeep mistakes and stay on top of these tasks to keep everyone in good health. (See also: 6 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean During the Holiday Season)

1. Failing to Check Your HVAC Before Peak Seasons

The weather is fantastic in many places during the fall and spring, and homeowners enjoy cooling off naturally by opening the windows. In the summer and winter, however, many rely heavily on HVAC systems to keep them comfortable. If these systems fail in these peak seasons, you risk being exposed to dangerously cold or warm weather, which can lead to problems such as dehydration and an increased risk of heart attack.

Take advantage of planned maintenance services to have a professional inspect your system before the highs of summer and lows of winter. This service will ensure that your HVAC is in the best shape possible when you need it most and give you time to schedule any necessary repairs before the weather gets severe.

2. Ignoring Humidity Levels

Ignoring Humidity Levels

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You may think that humidity only matters in areas such as Texas and Florida. However, humidity is a problem for homes and their occupants nationwide. This is because humidity that’s too high \and humidity that’s too low are both causes for concern.

High humidity occurs when the air holds too much water. This makes people sweat profusely, which can lead to dehydration, overheating, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. In low humidity, you’ll notice that your skin is dry due to a lack of moisture. Nosebleeds are also common because the low humidity dries and inflames the mucous membranes.

Some humidity problems, such as dry skin, are cosmetic, but others contribute to poor sleep quality among other issues, which can spiral into a range of health complications. If not corrected, a simple thing like unbalanced humidity can lead to fatigue, increased stress, and a higher risk for heart problems. Invest in a good humidifier, dehumidifier, or system with both functions to balance your air quality.

3. Neglecting Air Filters

Most homeowners know that they need to change their HVAC filters every few months, but this is an easy chore to overlook. It’s especially common, though, to not realize that you should change the filters more often if you have pets or someone in the home who suffers allergies. If either of these applies to you, swap out the filters every 30 to 60 days.

Failing to do this will diminish your indoor air quality. This can lead to problems such as respiratory irritation, the development or aggravation of respiratory conditions, and poor airflow in your home.

These problems have serious consequences, but thankfully, they’re easy to avoid. Stay on top of your duties and knock out these simple routine tasks to keep everyone at home in good health.

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