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Holidays are here, new resolutions are as well. Why not start over with literally a clean slate? This is a time of the year when we spend time with our family and we want our loved ones to be happy and everything to be perfect. You think about decorations, window spray drawings, red stockings hanging by the fireplace, then you also want food to be as tasty and as good looking as possible.

This all seems like a lot of work, but where exactly should you begin? Perhaps the best starting point from which all inspiration can flourish is a good old house cleaning. This can really open up your eyes and give you that extra incentive to go the extra mile when decorating afterward, and what better decoration than a clean home ready for guests and family members eager to see each other.

A new beginning

This restart is not just good for your home but it is also a psychological reset and an opportunity to be comfortable inside in your home with your family. This feeling and good vibes will translate well to the rest of your family. Cleaning your home is not an easy task though, and it can also be very time consuming when basically every second count.

Rest easy, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Have you ever considered hiring a professional cleaning service to help you out with this tiring job? They have all the necessary tools and experience to complete this task thoroughly and efficiently. You can simply consider this a gift for you and your family.

Get rid of old stuff

You should also finally get rid of the things that you had been hoarding down in your basement which you probably won’t be needing anymore. What better time than now? Everyone will feel much better with freed up space for new stuff and to be rid of old stuff that hadn’t been used in years. This is a sort of mental hygiene as well. You can even go one step further and donate these items to those in need, especially if you have a lot of old clothes or toys.

Decorate with taste

The decorations are something you also need to be careful about. The goal here is not to overextend and make your home feel like a flea market loaded with unnecessary and probably kitsch stuff. Be creative, be simple but effective. Fewer but more tasteful decorations will always do the trick. We recommend a really nice looking Christmas tree with some garland and lovely and shiny decorations.

Return everything where you found it

It is also important to get everything back to its place once you used it, it is basically half of the job. This refers mostly to your kitchen because you probably turned it upside down while you were preparing all the food. You should also tell your kids to return their toys to their place because everything needs to be top notch.

Time to shine

This is the time to shine. After your cleaning is done, the natural progression of things is to show it all off. Your best ally here is natural light. Roll up shades and pull the curtains back and let the sunshine in. What you get is a wonderful and warm holiday atmosphere.

Make a schedule

You need to be well organized, make a schedule, especially if you are having someone over to do the cleaning. It is best to have everything put in the sort of a timetable so there would be no space for mistakes.

Some things like laundry or dishes you just can’t afford to put off for too long because they will just add up to your already busy day. Being organized and getting ahead of things will pay off in the end when you look at your clean and beautiful home filled with hugs, smiles, and warmth.

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