Manage Stress While Writing an Essay

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So, you have an essay to write. You’ve known about this particular essay for months, yet you have (kind of) ignored it. You’ve not kept up with the work along the way and now the deadline is approaching, and the stress is weighing heavily on you.

In fact, the stress is so bad that it is preventing you from actually being productive and getting on with the work.

Stop. Stop right there.

The best way of dealing with stress is to plan to avoid stress in the first place. Stress is often a result of poor planning, poor preparation, and poor organization, all of which are completely avoidable!

Anyway, more on how you can be better organized later. For now, you have an essay to write, and this article will tell you can overcome the stress that is stopping you from getting your essay done with someone’s help. (See also: [Teenage Angst Management] 10 Signs Your Teen Is Under Too Much Stress)

1. Apps

Mindfulness is a great way to conquer stress. Not only is the practice of mindfulness extremely relaxing but it is also a form of brain training, as it helps you to develop your focus and concentration. There are many apps which can help you with mindfulness, such as the Headspace app, which provides users with guided meditations and visualizations.

Breathe2Relax is an app developed to help users learn diaphragmatic breathing. The ability to breathe properly, and to control the breath, is crucial in managing stress. Diaphragmatic breathing helps to lower the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol whilst releasing the feel-good hormone serotonin. Not only that, but it also improves mental focus and clarity by increasing the blood flow to the brain.

Combine diaphragmatic breathing with mindfulness and you’ll be as cool as a cucumber in no time!

2. Games

Sometimes, when the stress is really bad, you need to physically release it. Whilst you might not literally explode in a physical sense, sometimes, all that pent-up mental tension needs a physical release in order to maintain positive physical and mental health.

Playing physical team games such as rugby, football or netball is a great way of releasing stress and tension. Exercise and other physical activities produce endorphins in the brain, which act as natural painkillers, which enables you to relax and to sleep better.

Not only does exercise release “feel good” chemicals, but being surrounded by people and working together towards a common goal provides a sense of community which in turn can help to alleviate signs of stress. Sometimes, just knowing that you’re not alone, that you’re not the first person to let an essay get on top of them, is enough to get you back on your feet ready for the next challenge.

3. Activities

Some people find that keeping to a routine is crucial in helping them to prevent stress. Within the routine must be time for activities which are not related to the essay. Feel like a walk in the park? Then stick it in your routine! Maybe a quick swim or trip to the museum? Stick them both in the diary!

Be careful though – you don’t want to overload yourself with so many extra activities that you don’t get your work done. When scheduling additional activities make sure that you know what the priorities for the week are.

Plan out your week by scheduling in the most important activities first. Work backward from these – what needs to happen to make sure that these activities are completed successfully? Allow time for these in your schedule and then away you go – schedule in some activities you know you’ll enjoy.

4. Food

It is vital that you eat healthily when you are working hard. Food is literally the best medicine that you can give your body and if you eat well, you provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body and mind need to perform at their best consistently.

Before you find yourself in a stressful situation, pay attention to how you feel after each meal that you eat. Have you eaten a carb heavy or fatty meal which has left you feeling sluggish? Plan to avoid such meals in the future, or to eat them in moderation at times when you know you won’t have to be particularly productive afterward. Have you eaten something which has left you feeling energized and motivated? Fabulous! Plan to eat more of these types of food at every opportunity you get. (See also: 10 Natural Stress-Relief Hacks You Have to Try)

Instead of reaching for the chocolate or other high fat, high sugar content foods, try some of these as alternatives:

  • Nuts will help replenish your Vitamin B stores, which are lost during stressful periods. Vitamin B helps prevent that “fight or flight” response to stress.
  • The Vitamin C in red peppers helps to lower blood pressure during stressful situations.
  • Take daily Omega 3 supplements to reduce your anxiety levels by up to 20%. Remember though that it can take three months of taking supplements for the benefits to be realized.

So, the key to handling stress is to try to avoid it in the first place by being organized, eating well and staying fit and healthy. Reduce stress, make better decisions, and be more successful… what could be better than that?!

If you’re not sure where to start then get yourself a planner, either printed or digital. Write in what needs to be done and include everything from the activities you will do to what you will eat to stay healthy. Remember not to be kind to yourself, but also be consistent. That way stress avoidance is virtually guaranteed!

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