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Happiness is something that we can all try to strive for more in our daily lives. Whether it’s as simple as sipping a freshly brewed coffee in the morning or buying a new sofa for your living room, rewarding ourselves with little treats can help amplify happiness in your life.

Happiness can be in various forms. Most people do not realize this, but our home- the way they’re designed to the things we do inside- makes a significant impact on our mood, mental clarity, productivity and perspectives about life. That’s why it is really important to make constant efforts to make our home a relaxing, inviting and happy place to live in.

In this piece, we arranged some of the simple ways you can make your home a happier place to live in. (See also: 8 Elements That Can Improve The Look And Feel Of Your Home)

1. Clearing Clutter Mantra


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Nobody likes a chaotic place that reeks.

Many people dread the idea of tidying up because it involves time and effort, especially when you have a day job to keep. But this is not the right mindset if you want to live a fulfilling and happy life. What if I tell you that we are more sensitive to the things that clutter our home than we think. Would you still look at decluttering the same way again? I don’t think so.

It appears that negative thoughts such as feeling like a failure in managing our household properly make a significant adverse effect on our happiness and mental clarity. Indeed, the first step in creating a happy home environment is by keeping our house clean and organized.

An incredible way to kick-start your day is by waking up early. This gives you plenty of room to make the necessary ways of maintaining your home neat and orderly. Begin by making your bed before heading to the dining area for a cup of coffee.

Wash that one bowl before you go to work to prevent messing your pristine white sink! It wouldn’t also hurt if you teach your kids to keep their toys in their stuffed animal storage after playing would also help.

Simple as they may seem but these ways contribute extraordinary impacts in keeping your house clutter-free and your mind and soul at peace. Decluttering doesn’t have to feel like a task, especially when it helps in boosting your confidence and contentment in life.

2. Buy Quality Furniture with Softer Edges

Quality Furniture

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Your furniture sets the mood of your home. In shopping for furniture, it is advisable to opt for pieces with softer and round edges as they create calming ambiance in the house compared to pointy and angular shapes.

Give more attention to the texture of the furniture as well as the structure. Make sure that you buy quality furniture that would last longer even if it costs higher than the normal furniture in the market. For a better and happier home experience, match them up with home decors lighter in color which is soothing and pleasing to the eye

3. Happy Scent, Happy Heart


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Soothing perfume sets our mood right. The sophisticated home fragrance has been considered an integral part of home interior design nowadays as they help in creating an inviting and calming place to live in. We may not be aware of it, but our sense of smell is a powerful tool in eliciting memories from our mind, putting us back to those times we felt the happiest.

In making your home a happier place, use all-natural air fresheners such as essential oils, flowers, herbs which are effective in making your home heavenly. You can use essential oils, incense sticks, aroma candles, dried potpourri, and some herbs.

Layering your home fragrance properly is also important. Use scent not too strong in your entrance to create a welcoming atmosphere and use vanilla-based perfume oils to make a calming mood in your living room.

4. Let the Sunshine In

Natural light inside the house

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Allowing natural light inside our house enhances our productivity and our serotonin levels – or the hormone responsible for our happiness. Light plays an essential role in our circadian rhythm.

If you observe closely, your alertness subsides easily when you work in a place with warmer light compared to when you’re exposed in areas with brighter lights. This explains that light plays a fundamental role in the regulation of our circadian rhythm.

In the challenge to make your home happier, it is imperative to have more control over lighting to allow you and your loved ones perform better in work tasks and even with your hobbies at home.

Having a proper window treatment in place and selecting the right curtains for your space will strategically allow you to maximize access to natural light. For instance, curtains and shades made of heavy materials are best for the winter while the sheer ones are more appropriate once spring comes around.


Dalai Lama once said that happiness is not something ready-made as it comes from our own actions. This proverb couldn’t be more fitting in the pursuit of a happier home to live in.

In the challenge of maintaining a neat and organized home environment to make a happier place to live in, may we not be disheartened by the struggles we face as these will eventually be outweighed by the sweet promise of serenity and balance in life.

About The Author:

Emma Clarke is a dentist by profession and an aspiring writer. She reads a lot and loves dissecting philosophical observations on classic films.

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