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Drug or alcohol rehab is not as easy as people tend to think. Many people tend to think rehab center as miracle center but we both know that’s not it. Rehab centers actually have a system put into place. If at all you think that a couple of talks are what will get a ten-year drug addict back on track then you are wrong. They are a couple of stages that a patient will have to go through so as to get them up and running again. Rehab process is simply the healing process of a drug addict. There are a couple of stages that I thought that you should understand about and keep them in mind when you think of rehab.

1. Initiation Process

People in this stage may be aware that there are repercussions related to their addiction, but they minimize or justify their choices, seeing more benefit than the deficit. Not a great deal of desire to change and to an outside observer, it may seem as if they are sleepwalking through their lives, quite unconsciously.

As simple as it sounds, everything has to have a start. You got to know from what point of view you are coming from and the kind of response to expect. Treatment centers in Florida are some of the best when considering where to go to when in need of a rehab center. On top of the fact that Florida has some nice beaches, it is also good to know that they have world-class accommodation in their facilities where they maximize on linking up and security. They have pretty good staff too who make it very easy to transition.

2. Early Abstinence

Did you say early abstinence? That’s right here we are looking for a way to get you back to your feet within no time. What better way is there to do that apart from actually abstaining from the drugs themselves. This is, however, a very difficult task to do when someone does it by themselves that now where rehabs come into play. Ambrosia treatment centers in Florida are the leading centers that help in this. They actually have some pretty good facilities with only the best staff and personal with them and they also have a serene but yet secure environment where it gives peace of mind to their clients even as they heal.

In this stage, people take the actual steps to engage in positive mental, emotional and physical change by immersing themselves in addiction recovery, not just abstinence from their drugs of choice but also developing a fitness plan, dietary adaptation, as well as time with positive people and activities that are heart- and soul-nourishing.

3. Maintaining The Abstinence

Now, this is quite a crucial part of the healing system. It is actually what determines if you will recover. It beats logic when people go to a whole lot of trouble to get someone to a rehab facility only for them to go back to drugs after they are out. Now in this part of the healing process, the rehab facility has a role to play and also you have a role to play. The facility does check-ups and regular follow-ups and you need to engage and make sure the ex-addict is drug-free.

4. Advanced Recovery

How I wish that this was the first stage as it would save people a lot of trouble but not it is not. At the Recovery stage, people can gaze into the mirror and behold a new man or woman. This is actually a long-term thing. This means that you will have to prove your worth by having to stay drug-free for a very long period of time, say five years or so. This actually shows you have completely healed and that your system is clear. However, this should not make anyone relapse only because they are operating under a clean system.

Although the Stages of Change is an orderly approach to understanding recovery, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum and is not always linear. People can move back and forth through the stages and relapse is always possible. I frame it not as a failure, but as a re-set and renewal of determination.

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