Ways to Make Giving Up Alcohol Easier

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Giving up alcohol can be tough. Sometimes it seems like everyone around you is having a great time drinking while you aren’t. However, this may not necessarily be the case. There are a few tips and tricks to make giving up alcohol easier. You may discover that your perceptions were skewed after all. Here are 7 ways to make giving up alcohol easier.

1. Drink Non-Alcoholic Beverages

If you can’t give up your pub night trivia just yet, try drinking non-alcoholic alternatives. There are many different kinds of non-alcoholic beers that taste similar to the real thing. There are also dealcoholized wines available on the market for low prices so you won’t feel left out as you embark upon your alcohol-free lifestyle.

2. Hang Out in Coffee Shops

Sometimes it’s difficult to be in the pub for people who are trying to quit drinking. It can be a reminder of what you think you’re missing. Therefore, ask if your friends would be willing to move your meetups to a coffee shop, where the temptation of alcohol is not present. You may find that you’re far more clear-headed and will remember those great conversations the next day.

3. Meet Up With Your Non-Drinking Friends

You may not believe it, but you’ll have friends who don’t drink. Seek them out and spend more time with them. Set up a board game night or an evening to watch movies. What may surprise you is that even among your friends who are not teetotalers, people drink far less than you thought they did.

4. Activity Replacement

It’s pretty hard to get hammered if you know you’re going swimming the next morning or meeting your friends for a hike. If you know that you have other commitments that require sobriety, you’re far less likely to want to drink. You may even find that you shed the pounds with your newfound commitment to exercise.

5. Encouragement

Check in with people for the encouragement on your journey. Read motivational quotes to keep yourself on the up and up. You may be surprised to discover that you think about alcohol less and less. Your mind has been on other things, and it will get easier and easier to bypass the liquor store.

6. Drink Sour Drinks

Sour or bitter-flavored drinks are often used as a replacement for those who are trying to give up alcohol. Tonic water with Angostura bitters, for example, can give the impression of a cocktail. Some people swear by Arnold Palmers (iced tea and lemonade), as they can be poured into a tumbler with ice and give the impression of a drink. Be careful with replacement options, as some people find that they encourage a return to drink more than other beverages because of being similar to, but not quite, alcoholic drinks.

7. Attend Dry Events

If you feel like your social calendar is primarily made up of places where alcohol is consumed or people who drink frequently, this is your chance to change up your habits a little. There are dry events held everywhere, from craft fairs to farmer’s markets. You may find that you have more energy, your skin is clearer, and you are much happier as you remove the alcohol from your system. This will make attending dry events much easier and may even introduce you to a whole new world of activities.

Quitting drinking can be difficult, but it’s not an insurmountable challenge. We all have different reasons for making the choice to go dry, whether it’s for our health or because we just want a break from the same old routine. It’s a chance to change your life for the better and try out new things. When you were a little kid, you didn’t need booze to have fun. That hasn’t changed. If you stick to the alcohol-free lifestyle, you may even find that you prefer the world without beer goggles, and every day waking up without a hangover is a blessing. After a while, you may not even notice the alcohol is missing, since you’ve been having so much fun that it doesn’t matter at all.

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