5 Effective Health and Wellness Tips for College Students

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From writing and editing dissertation chapters, attending classes, and reading to trying to maintain a robust social life; college students face numerous challenges.

But as you continue to pursue high grades, participate in various classes, do assignments, read every single night, or hang out with friends, the one thing you should never take for granted is your health.

Being in good health should be a top priority for any student. Even if you have big dreams or goals, bear in mind that your health status will determine whether or not you can go on to achieve your targets.

Effective Health and Wellness Tips for College Students

Here are health and wellness tips for college students to help them maintain good health that will boost their chances of excelling in college.

1. Substitute soda with water

Student Drinking Water

If soda has been your best drink all these years, do not think you have been doing your health a favor. If you care about your well-being, then water should be your main drink instead. Furthermore, you need to drink enough water every day to maintain proper hydration. It will also help your vital organs, particularly the kidney to perform their duties.

Hydration also has a massive effect on brain function and energy levels. And as students, you surely need your brain to perform at an optimal level all day long.

So, before you think of stepping out of your house to class any day, make sure you have a bottle of water in your bag.

Bear in mind that mild dehydration of as little as 1 to 3 percent can impair many aspects of one’s brain function.

2. Meditate and plan well

Mental stress is one of the things college students have to battle every single day. From attending classes, reading big notes, and hanging out with friends to cooking, students go through stress every single day of their college life.

But then, having a proper plan can make things a bit easier. With it, you can handle your daily academic tasks and house chores without giving your tiny little brain too much to handle. Furthermore, your plans can also be daily, weekly, or monthly.

However, to have a concrete plan that will guide you throughout the day, mainly when you prefer creating daily arrangements, you need to start waking up early in the morning every single day.

Take some time to meditate on the activities you may likely have for the day and list everything out. But keep in mind that you are going to need strong discipline to follow through with your plans.

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3. Cut down on alcohol consumption

Cut down on alcohol consumption

College life comes with massive freedom. You can drink whatever you like and get away with it; at least Dad and Mum are not there to scold you.

But keep in mind that excess alcohol is detrimental to your health. Alcohol contains calories and can cause you to gain more weight in no time.

So, if you are eager to lead a healthy college life, then avoid binge drinking. It can deprive you of quality sleep and also affect your memory.

So, drink responsibly to maintain good health.

4. Have great night rests

Well, you may have gotten away with poor night’s sleep all these years. But if you are still encouraging this habit, then it needs to stop.

Keep in mind that not getting enough sleep can cause memory loss, stroke, and other health issues. So, ensure you sleep at least 8 hours daily.

To have a proper night’s sleep, you need to avoid procrastination and make good use of your time during the day. Do not use late nights to work on your paper when you have the entire day to yourself.

You also need to reduce screen time, particularly during late nights, as this can make it difficult for you to sleep.

5. Exercise regularly

Student Doing Exercise

Regular exercise benefits the mind and body. It will enable you to stay focused, coupled with enough energy to tackle your daily tasks.

However, your workouts don’t have to be rigorous. And you do not need to hit the gym regularly to have proper exercise.

Keep in mind that the exercises you perform in your room can have as much effect as the ones done at the gym.

So if you are ready to lead a healthy college life, make exercise a top priority. You can wake up early in the morning to engage in some workout before the activity of the day commences.


According to Myhomeworkdone.com, maintaining good health is one of the things that can lead to academic excellence.

So, if you are eager to succeed academically, then follow the tips in this post to lead a healthy life. They are simple tips you can follow to maintain good health.

But then, one of the things you need to achieve your aim is discipline. Without it, achieving good health might be mission impossible.

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