Hair Care Tips and Tricks

Everyone loves good-looking, healthy hair. Even better when it’s your own!

Here are some handy tips to keep your hair looking fabulous – and staying healthy – the year in and year out.

1. Clean and Condition

Everyone knows the benefits of good shampoo and conditioner: Keeping your hair clean and conditioned is necessary for a healthy head and great looks. But if you haven’t found that perfect product for your unique hair, don’t lose heart.

The Function of Beauty is one of the burgeoning markets of customizable hair products. You can choose everything from the base to the fragrance – or scent-free – to the color of your product.

Take an online quiz to determine what you need for your hair type, then dive into the fun of customizing the perfect shampoo and conditioner.

2. Protect With Style

If you style your hair – straightening, curling, dyeing, et cetera – then you want to protect your locks from stress and damage.

Heat can dry and crack hair strands, leading to broken or frayed ends. Dyes and bleach can make hair brittle and dry. You don’t have to sacrifice your style to keep your hair healthy, though.

Color-protection shampoos and conditioners are readily accessible, as well as products designed to treat heat-treated hair.

You might also consider clarifying shampoo for an occasional boost to help keep your hair clean – especially if you’ve had a great day outdoors or have gone swimming in open water.

3. Try A Hair Mask

You’ve heard of facial masks, right?

Maybe you enjoy them on a regular basis as part of your skincare routine.

Hair masks are like a nourishing, cleansing facial but for your hair. Hair masks are multi-purpose, and you can find hair masks to replenish and restore your hair if it’s suffered damage or distress, hair masks for hydration and enhancing the sheen of your locks, and so much more.

If your hair needs that extra oomph, a hair mask might be the perfect treat for your head.

Hair Mask

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4. Seasonal Hair Care

Even if you don’t live in a climate that has regular and dramatic seasons, seasonal weather can affect your hair and skin regardless.

If the weather gets colder and dryer, such as winter in many places, you may want to switch to more hydrating products to keep your hair lush and shiny.

In warmer months, humidity can cause frizz – so looking into products that maintain wild flyaway strands is worth it.

Just as you switch up your wardrobe for the season, you can do the same for your hair care products for maximum shine all year round.

5. Warm Over Hot Water

Heat can cause drying and brittleness to your hair, so when it comes to washing your hair, opt for the warm water (or even cold) over scalding hot.

If you like hot water for your showers, consider using a shower cap until you’re ready to turn down the heat to wash and condition your hair.

Keeping your hair healthy is easier than ever with these simple tips – and healthy hair is part of a healthy life!

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