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If you want healthy hair, you need to treat your hair like you treat your face. Give it quality products, protect it from damages, and chemicals. While it is important to have all the building blocks that your hair needs for it to grow in a healthy way, there are cases where some really have a hard time growing it back. This is where medical treatments come in. This informative post explains how hair loss treatment can stimulate areas that are losing hair to help grow thicker and stronger strands.

Caring for your hair properly from roots to ends can help you grow healthy hair. Read on to learn effective ways to properly care for your scalp and strands. (See also: 9 Homemade Tips for Faster Hair Growth)

1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Much

The natural oils in our hairs keep the hair healthy and strong. Washing it regularly with shampoo may cause further damages. Excess cleansing of your hair may strip away the natural oils in it, making the hair prone to breaking and making it brittle.

The processed chemicals that are found in most shampoos we use prevents the hair from growing healthily. Just like washing your hands excessively, it dries out the skin and makes it rough. Washing your hair three to four times a week is recommended by most hair specialists.

2. Take Supplemental Vitamins

Supplemental vitamins like biotin, which is a part of the vitamin B group, helps thicken the hair. The vitamin also contributes to speedy hair growth. There have been cases that biotin has helped increase the growth of hair in certain areas like the face – like the beard area for men. For this to happen, high doses of this supplement are required. Consult with a specialist before heading out to buy the supplements as you may be allergic to it. (See also: 5 Mistakes When Taking Hair Growth Vitamins and Supplements)

3. Eat more protein

Protein is an essential nutrient in maintaining your hair’s health. When the body digest protein, it breaks the substance into smaller amino acids which aid to build new body tissues, hormones, blood cells, enzymes, and antibodies. Fish, chicken, and steak contain healthy protein and amino acids.

For the vegetarian readers out there, protein is present in beans, tofu, legumes, and nuts. These healthy foods not only contain protein, but they also consist of other healthy nutrients that the body can benefit from. The cells in our body need amino acids for them to remain intact and healthy. Having enough protein in your diet can help repair damaged cells and replenish hair cells.

4. Get Some Sunshine

Lack of vitamin D (which we can attain from the sun) prevents the hair from growing faster and thick. Vitamin D is said to maintain the cell’s ability to induce hair growth. Having said that, this makes it important to get enough vitamin D for the scalp to create new healthy hair follicles where the hair can grow.

5. Apply Oil Treatment

Oil treatments can help maintain the hair. There are numerous oil treatments for the hair that are available over-the-counter. Hair salons have hot oil treatments that use certain oil substances to be applied on the hair and to be left on for some time to make the hair soft and silky.

The good thing about this method is you can do the treatment at home. You have to make sure that you apply the oil substance properly. Massage the scalp to improve the condition of the hair follicles. A weekly application can help promote the healthy growth of new hair.

  • Argan oil – this type of oil component may be quite expensive as it contains a large variety of nutrients that can help improve the strength of your hair.
  • Extra-virgin olive oil – This is the same oil that most people use to dress salads. Extra-virgin olive oil fights off bacteria, which helps improve scalp health.
  • Coconut oil – One of the commonly used natural oils as it has a lot of uses. People use it for the face, to rub it on wounds, and of course for the improvement of their hair. Coconut oil contains a huge amount of vitamin E, which strengthens the roots of the scalp by improving the body’s circulation. Continuous use of this oil will give you thicker and shinier hair.

6. Comb Hair Carefully

Inflammation and irritation on the scalp can damage the health of your hair. Taking care of your scalp is the best solution for preventing any irritation or inflammation from occurring. Aggressive brushing or combing of your hair can cause more damages. When you pull your hair, especially when it’s wet and it gets more vulnerable, it causes physical stress to the hair fiber, which leads to the flacking of the protective cuticle.

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