Massage Gun Benefits

Massage gun brands like the HYDRAGUN have been making quite a buzz in the sports and fitness scene lately.

You only need to go on Instagram to see photos and videos of athletes and fitness celebrities who can’t get enough of these devices.

Setting aside the hype, we found that there are benefits of using massage guns that these social media posts don’t tell you about.

And if you are trying to decide whether or not these devices are worth their price tags, we’ve listed five benefits here that can help you make up your mind.

  1. Massage guns are effective as pain management tools – Yes; percussive massage guns are more than just sports recovery devices. Sure athletes and fitness buffs may benefit more from using them since they’re more active, but these devices aren’t exclusive to them. Non-athletes, people working from home, parents – anyone looking for a safe alternative solution to managing body aches and muscle pains can use massage guns. No pain meds needed – just holistic, deep tissue massage that you can do yourself.
  2. Massage guns can help you sleep better – Let’s face it. Body aches make it difficult – if not entirely impossible – to go to sleep. Massage guns use percussive force to improve blood flow in tired, achy muscles which relieves pain. Using a percussive therapy massage gun before bedtime not only relaxes your muscles, it helps condition your brain for sleep. The result? You get to sleep faster and wake up more refreshed to take on another day’s activities.
  3. Helps you relieve stress – It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete or someone who has 10-hour workdays. We all get stressed and often need help managing it. And the best way to manage stress is a good massage. Since most spas are yet to open no thanks to Covid, DIY massages are your best alternative. Massage guns give the same results as deep tissue massage therapy. Every ten-minute session with the device loosens up muscles, relieves pain, and improves mood.
  4. Massage guns are easy to use – By easy to use we mean you turn it on, float it over your achy muscles, and relax. You do not need to lie down on the floor and spend several minutes being uncomfortable while you’re trying to target a muscle knot with a tennis ball or a foam roller. Massage guns are also more effective because you can zero in on specific muscle groups. The HYDRAGUN for instance has six different massage gun heads that you can easily attach to the device. If you want to deal with muscle knots in your shoulders, for example, you can just pop in a forkhead and turn the device on. Afterward, you just pull off the attached head and replace it with another gun head type for different muscle groups.
  5. Massage guns are cost-efficient – Having a massage gun is a cost-efficient way to get muscle pain relief anytime, anywhere. If you regularly get professional deep tissue massages, then you know how expensive they can get. And we’re not accounting for the time and effort you spend booking appointments. A massage gun provides the physical and mental benefits of professional deep tissue massages minus the cost and hassles of going back for multiple appointments.

So, a quick recap: massage guns can be used by non-athletes looking for safe and effective pain management tools; help you get better sleep and help relieve stress; are easier and more convenient to use than foam rollers and save you money over time.

Investing in your health is never a waste. And with the benefits we’ve outlined here, we hope that it gave clarity as to why massage guns are investments worth making.

About The Author:

My name is Jai Tadeo and I’m a writer at HYDRAGUN, a fitness-tech startup based in Singapore.

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