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Yes, we’re social creatures. We live in a world where there are verbal communication and plenty of other noises. After all, if the hearing wasn’t important, we wouldn’t have the sense at all, would we? However, there comes a point where there can be too much noise. Fortunately, just a bit of silence each day can impact our health and psyche positively.

1. Just two hours of silence may create new cell growth in the hippocampus of the brain

The hippocampus region of the brain is primarily responsible for emotions, learning, and memory. Interestingly, one study found that silence may play a role in boosting new cell growth in the hippocampus. As one could imagine, this is important for students and employees who especially need to keep cognitively sharp.

Another study found that exposure to long-term, loud noises can negatively affect multiple parts of the brain including the hippocampus, confirming the previous study’s correlations of noise and hippocampal activity. That said, the effects of noise can definitely have an impact on a person’s health on a non-auditory level.

2. Silence can lower one’s blood cortisol levels

When one is under stress or dealing with anxiety, their adrenal glands release a hormone known as cortisol. In turn of high cortisol levels, your blood pressure can raise, and other systems in your body will be halted temporarily. Cortisol is a good thing when in a dangerous situation, but too much of it can create havoc for your overall wellbeing.

But did you know that receiving silence each day can assist with lowering blood cortisol levels in your body? It’s true. Adrenaline levels are also lowered when given a daily dose of silence. As a result, silence may reduce the intensity of symptoms and potential cardiovascular problems of those with excess cortisol or adrenaline.

3. You may gain new self-awareness when exposed to silence daily

When we are apart of a noisier environment, we tend to focus more on what’s going on around us. Although, being exposed to silence can give us greater focus on ourselves. This can allow us to focus on our own thoughts, goals, and even creative thoughts. However, each of these things is difficult when we are exposed to constant sound.

If you live in a noisier environment, it can be hard to “unplug” from the noise. But it’s little things such as switching your louder appliances for low-noise appliances that can make a positive impact in terms of mindfulness and self-awareness. To learn more about quieter appliances and the benefits they may have, check out Quiet product reviews.

4. A bit of silence daily can better allow you to live in the moment

The noisier the environment you live in, the harder it seems to focus on the “here and now.” You may notice that you feel more connected with what’s around you when you’re within a quieter environment. Silence seems to put everything into perspective and give people time to really think about their current standpoint in life.

Being apart of a noisy environment long-term for many is stressful as it’s fast-paced. The impression is that when there is a lot going on around someone (i.e., noise), it tends to make them think that they should match the pace of their surroundings by doing things faster and thinking ahead instead of focusing on the present.

5. Exposure to silence can increase your patience

As mentioned previously, silence can bring you back to the present. Focusing on the present can give you patience as it allows you to focus on the things right in front of you. When your environment is quieter, your brain is clearer and more organized, allowing you to achieve stability apart from being patient, less demanding, and more understanding.

In fact, Berkley research shows that those who are patient tend to have better mental health, can be better friends and neighbors, are more likely to achieve their goals, and may even have better health overall.


Even if you know you’re healthy, being surrounded by a moderate form of silence can be beneficial. Of course, too much or too little noise for too often is never good, but giving yourself a break from sound is important. While the hearing is something to be thankful for, nothing is more relaxing than just hearing nothing for even just a half hour.

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