Boob Spillage

If you’re still experiencing boob spillage, chances are you’re wearing the wrong bra size. You don’t need the ideal body shape to fit into a comfortable bra. It’s the other way around. In fact, what you need is a toolkit.

For women’s lingerie, the toolkit refers to two things. First is the best bra for lift and side support. And second is to know how to avoid common bra mistakes. This article talks about how to prevent side boob spillage with and without a bra.

How to Prevent Side Book Spillage?

1. Exercises that reduce bulging/spillage

Exercises that reduce bulging

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There are tons of exercises you can do to combat spillage. You need to work your shoulders, back, and chest to tone your chest muscles. And to prevent spillage from the sides, back, and front. These common bra problems go hand-in-hand.

If you’re looking to reduce side boob spillage, daily movement with or without weights will help.

Here’s what you need to target to experience a bulge-free and spillage-free bra. These exercises go great with intense cardiovascular training. Such as cardio, swimming, HIIT, and/or cycling.

Super- (Wo)man

This is a common and targeted exercise for women. It works your chest muscles and tones your underarm and oblique muscles too. Do this movement 10 reps x 3 sets every 3-4 times per week. You can increase the tempo as you start to feel stronger. And to feel a better burn after an intense workout session.


We’ve all heard of push-ups but pull-ups are quite challenging. And they show quicker and better results at toning the right muscles. You work your back, chest, and lats when you attempt a pull-up.

If you’re new, attempting a pull-up for the first time may get tough. You can opt for an assisted pull-up with a band or an exercise ball.

Do this movement every day until you can get 10-15 reps of pull-ups 2-3 times per week.

Tricep Press

Tricep press helps burn underarm fat. It also targets your upper arms in many ways. Toning and strengthening the muscles to prevent side boob spillage.

The best way to do a tricep press is with the help of weights. You can start with 4 or 5-pound dumbbells. Hold one in each hand and raise them over your head. Make sure that when you bend your elbows, they are facing in the direction of your gaze.

So when you bend your elbows with the weights, the dumbbells dip right behind your head. You can do this standing or seated on a bench.

Continue with this movement for 10-15 reps x 2-3 sets a few times per week. Make sure you rest between every set.

2. Wearing the right bra type and size

Wearing the right bra type and size

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You might be wearing the correct bra type but the wrong bra size. Or the correct bra size but the wrong bra type. Lots of factors can cause an improper and inaccurate bra fit. And you’re left doubting whether you’ll ever find the right bra fit for yourself.

The truth is that you will. And here’s how.

There’s something known as the “fit check.” It’s when you, by yourself, make sure the bra you’re wearing fits you well. And even if one of the fit checks fail, that’s not the right bra for you.

Here’s what the fit check looks like.


You should be able to slide your finger between the band and your skin. If there isn’t a 2-inch gap, your band is too tight.


The cups should be slightly wider than normal to avoid side bulging. Chances are your breast shape is wide than normal. So narrower cups will not be able to contain your splaying breasts.

Center Front

The center front, or gore, should always lie flat right at the center of your chest. If it is even slightly lifted, you need to adjust your cup and band size accordingly.


Most women think that only an underwire can poke and cause bulging. But that is not true. Even in a wireless bra, the seams can feel too tight or loose. If it’s too loose, your breasts will spill out of the cups. And if it’s too tight, it will cause gaping and spillage in a different way.


After reading this article, you can skip the queue and go straight to your most ideal fit. So no more waiting around for the perfect bra to come knocking at your door. It’s time to look at the right, and best, ways to avoid side boob spillage. These simple and effective tips will show you the way!

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