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It is essential to have a family doctor who knows your medical history and can accommodate you in their schedule on short notice. Having a family doctor makes a huge difference when there is a medical emergency during the night hours or when you are urgently looking for trusted medical advice. It can be quite a task to find doctors in Delhi, Mumbai or any major city as there may be an overwhelming number of options to choose from

Whether you are looking for doctors in Delhi or any other city or state, rest assured you would be able to find a doctor you can trust to offer you professional medical advice. The secret to getting trusted medical advice is to be transparent with your doctor about your medical history. For the first time when consulting with a new doctor after getting disappointed with your earlier doctor, it is essential to mention what led to the rift with the previous doctor.

If you have been recently feeling a bit off about how you are treated by your doctor or the results you are getting from the treatment, it just might be the time to change your doctor.

Here are the top signs you need to change your doctor –

Limited Access

In most cases, getting a quick appointment from your doctor on the same day or the next day shouldn’t be a problem. However, if it is regularly taking weeks to fix an appointment with your doctor, then maybe it is time you need to change your doctor. Some medical and health conditions need immediate attention, and any delay can worsen the situation. While it is okay to wait for your doctor to give a late appointment to you once in a while, if it is a common phenomenon, maybe it is an indicator that you need to switch your doctor.

Poor Communication

Your doctor should be able to talk to you in detail about your health condition and guide you through the treatment course in a way that you understand. However, if the doctor rushes you through the treatment or doesn’t try hard enough to communicate properly about the health condition, treatment, and the consequences, it is best to switch to another doctor.

The doctors should be patient enough to listen to the patients and what they are going through to provide definitive treatment and to comfort the patients. However, if your doctor is rushing you out the door to see other patients, it might be a good idea to switch to another doctor who has better communication skills and won’t rush you. This can largely happen with doctors in Delhi or other big metro cities. (See also: Finding the Right Doctor to Treat Your Medical Needs)

Lack of Trust

The patient-doctor relationship is bound by trust. The doctors trust the patients would be honest and transparent about their medical and health condition and accurately explain how they are feeling to decipher symptoms and treatment course from it. Alternatively, the patients trust doctors to provide the best treatment with the best interests at heart. If you are unable to trust your doctor anymore, for any reason, it is best to start consulting some other doctor.

Not Following the Standard Procedures

Even though you are not a doctor, there are certain things about getting a treatment you might know or can know quickly by looking up on the internet. For example, if your doctor is changing the medication without providing enough evidence to support why the change is needed or is ordering tests without any reason, it showcases a lack of empathy or respect for the patient.


The location of the doctor’s office and how well the office is set up plays an important role as well when it comes to your experience with the doctor. The staff working at the doctor’s office should be polite and welcoming whenever you visit the office. The sanitation level and the hygiene maintained at the doctor’s office also plays a pivotal role as many patients come in and out each day and you don’t want to leave the doctor’s clinic more sick than when you entered.

Your doctor should be concerned about you and must be honest in his or her guidance for you. If you don’t feel the genuine concern in the way the doctor communicates with you and treats you, there is a reason to worry. The decisions made by doctors can change not only lives but also save lives, and you mustn’t feel obligated to continue your relationship with your existing doctor if you feel that they don’t care enough for you as a patient.

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