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The field of nursing can be as rewarding as it is demanding. You may have already asked yourself if you should go into the nursing field. Fortunately, there are usually indicators in your life that it may be the right choice for you. If you find yourself wondering whether or not you should pursue a career in nursing, here are five signs that you may be ready.

1. You Are Mature About Your Emotions

Everyone has days where they are down and out. As a nurse, however, you’ll have to leave that stuff at the door and shift your focus towards your patient. The best nurses can set aside their issues to put the needs of their patients first.

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant or retail, these are great places to put your emotional maturity to the test. If you can handle stress and serve others – even if they are demanding – then there’s a good chance you’ll thrive in the nursing field.

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2. Healthcare Environments Don’t Bother You

If you aren’t squeamish when it comes to a bit of blood or weird odors, that’s a good sign that you’ll make it as a nurse. While the average person may have a hard time with the sights and smells of a hospital, the best Grand Canyon University nursing candidates simply aren’t phased.

If you aren’t able to stomach the sights and sounds on the hospital floor, however, you can still pursue a nursing career. Non-clinical nursing jobs are a great way to explore your passion in a more tolerable space.

3. You Want To Make a Difference

Nurses directly impact the quality of life for their patients. For many, this is the reward they need from a career choice. While people have many different motivations for choosing career paths, the desire to make a difference in people’s lives is a defining quality in a nurse. Although nursing careers do pay well, anyone who chooses this path based on money alone won’t have the heart needed to make a great nurse.

4. You Want Opportunity for Growth

During tough economic times, you want to make sure that you’re going into a field that will grow, regardless of the economy. We’ve all heard stories about friends and families that dedicated their lives to a career, only to have it go sideways when the economy gets a little shaky. Grand Canyon University nursing professionals can look forward to a career that is well ahead of the national average when it comes to job growth. A nursing career is a great profession to get into, but before you get your first job a basic CRB check is absolutely essential.

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5. You Can Prioritize Tasks and Time

Nursing can be a fast-paced field that will require you to evaluate decisions in an instant. With several responsibilities, you’ll need to be able to prioritize your time and shuffle tasks based on patient’s needs. This can seemingly pull you in several different directions at once, which can be very stressful for the average person.

If you can juggle several time-based tasks without getting overwhelmed, that’s a great indication that you’re ready for a career in nursing. The best nursing professionals can adapt and be flexible without letting stress get to them.

If you find yourself identifying with the traits on this list, you may very well be ready to look at a career in nursing. This rewarding field helps you make a difference in people’s lives that you can immediately see. Not only that, but you’re improving the health of individuals daily.

One can say that nursing is a vocation, an essential service amid a public health crisis. If you want to be a nurse, you have to be strong in all aspects to survive school and training.

Then, there’s working at the hospital or a health-care facility that may involve undergoing drug tests before getting hired and during one’s employment. Consider all viable options, and prepare, as always.

With a growth rate that is above the national average, you can take your skills anywhere that there’s a clinic. If you want to move anywhere in the nation, you have a skill set that will allow you to do so easily.

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