Eat Healthily When Travelling

As a business traveler, it is often difficult to find an opportunity to eat something healthy that tastes good.

With proper planning, however, you can achieve this feat. Considering these practical pieces of advice from some travel nursing staff will help you to do so.

Do Your Homework

Before traveling, find out the restaurants in your destination and check their menus to see which ones match your food style. That way, you will have an idea of what to expect and what to take with you on your journey.

Pack Healthy Snacks

Remember to pack healthy snacks to ensure you are eating healthily while traveling. Health bars, protein bars, and cereal bars are often snacks that people find healthy; in reality, they are usually filled with sugar.

In general, natural food is always the best choice; things like nuts, fruits, vegetables, and yogurt are far better alternatives. Planes and hotels also offer a very limited number of snacks, many of which are unhealthy. Some of our favorite dishes are fresh fruit, nuts, candy bars, and dried fruit.

For frequent travelers, it seems as though protein bars and lots of nuts are easily available at airports. If you want to be really healthy (and financially smart), prepare your protein bars at home. Another good tip is to prepare baked instead of fried food, as it is more healthy.

If preparing snacks consumes too much of your time, find a health food store or supermarket that offers healthy snacks there. Fortunately, there are many ways to consume protein while maintaining a healthy diet.

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Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Make sure you have time for a healthy breakfast and lunch so that you don’t go hungry at dinner time.

On the first day of travel, buy fresh vegetables, fruits, and other things that you can prepare in your hotel. Yogurt is great if you have a small fridge in your room. If you eat a healthy breakfast in the morning, your metabolism will continue to work well throughout the day.

A quick bowl of fruit and cereal provides the energy needed for the whole day. Quick note: nutritionists warn to avoid a continental breakfast in hotels, as it often contains bread, pastries, and other sweet options.

Try Local Dishes

Try to balance your dinner on the street by expanding your horizons with local dishes. You can do it for both lunch and dinner.

I prefer eating a local dish for dinner because the choice is usually wider and better (especially for regional dishes cooked all day). Find out about dining options and menus in the area to help you plan ahead.

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Buy Healthy Meals on the Go

If you have a long way to go, take a fresh salad with you so that you don’t have to eat junk food at the gas station.

Ask for extra vegetables for a daily dose of fiber and essential nutrients in order to improve your meal. There is always a small grocery store or supermarket in each city, so bring a salad for your business meetings. Also, try to bring fruit for a break at 16:00 and find a healthy restaurant for dinner.

Eat High-Protein Foods

When you think about food on the move, you probably think about junk food first. Better food selection, such as high-protein foods, can have a positive impact on your metabolism.

Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day that are high in protein and healthy fats while remaining low in carbohydrates. If you only find fast food places and grocery stores, have a healthy meal delivered to your hotel.

It is possible that your daily allowance will easily cover your invoice, and you can save time by getting it delivered; this gives you an excuse to exercise if the hotel has a gym.  

Stay Hydrated

Believe it or not, many unhealthy desires that we feel along the way can be met with a simple, refreshing drink of clean water. Water not only prevents you from feeling dehydrated, but it also helps you eat less while maintaining fullness and energy. As athletes know, a healthy diet and a large amount of water can maintain energy levels.

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Take your snacks and a bottle of water to work while avoiding sweet drinks. Avoid eating products made with refined sugar and simple carbohydrates that make you feel drowsy.

Choose high-protein foods to stay full during a busy workday. Let healthy eating on your business trip be your goal.

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