Elderly Care

Taking care of the elderly parents is our duty and utmost responsibility. Taking care of them is easy and simple. By performing small tasks and showing friendly gestures, you can make them happy and satisfied. There are some tips by which you can take care of your elderly parents quickly and nicely. Some of which are as follows:

1. Proper Diet Plan

A healthy diet leads to a healthy life. If you have elderly at home and you are very conscious about their health and life, then the first step you should take is to make a proper diet plan for them. There are many things which are not good for them and can cause a problem for them including dangerous diseases such as heart problem, blood pressure, diabetes, deficiency of Vitamins especially vitamin D and minerals, etc. These shortcomings can be improved by taking the adequate diet. This would develop their immune system and would help them stay healthy for a longer time.  A high portion of fruits and vegetables should be added in their diet as they fulfill most of the vitamin and mineral deficiencies while red meat should be avoided at this age.

2. Making timely schedule for the elderly parent

There are many people who suffer Dementia at this age in which their judgement and decision-making ability is affected and along with that they face numerous other problems such as they are unaware of reminding the dates and seasons, they feel difficulty in having or further building a conversation and the major thing is that they forget the place where things are kept and feel difficulty in finding them again. In such cases, the proper schedule can help them recognize the proper place. Hence they do not feel difficulty in doing the daily tasks.

3. Exercise and the physical challenges of the elderly people

The physical health of the older adults is very significant. Their fitness is as important as their diet. Many medical problems such as blood pressure, heart diseases, bone and joint problems and osteoporosis can be avoided by physical activities, but doctor’s recommendation is highly needed. Along with that, the older adults face many challenges with growing age as their strength lessen. You can help them to overcome these by spending time with them and understanding them.

4. Precautionary measures

There are many places a home which can prove to be dangerous for the older adults. Some of those common areas are the bathrooms and stairs of the house. They at times may fall due to the unbalancing of the body. Therefore to avoid any such type of situation you should install grabbing bars near the showers and tubs in the bathroom. So that the elderly parents can handle them in case of falling. Along with that, the stairs should have secure railings on its both sides.

5. Hiring of professional caregiver

A professional and experienced caretaker knows how to handle things in all circumstances. Therefore you must hire him if you cannot give time to them.

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This article was written by Chris Palmer who regularly shares advice on elderly care. In particular dementia and supporting your elderly parent. You can find more by Chris on https://www.agespace.org/

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