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If you should have a teenager at home and they have recently got their driver’s license, you are likely overwhelmed with emotions of relief and concern at the same time.

You remember how excited you were when you got your license and ticket to freedom – or so you thought.  That is likely how they are feeling this very moment.

Yes, they can start to drive, but as an experienced driver, you know there is much more to it.

There are a few basic things you can to show them to feel more comfortable that they are road-ready.

1. Wipers, Windows, and Mirrors

A window that is free and clear of dirt and debris is critical to safe driving. Ensure that your new driver properly knows how to clean the windows using the wipers to help them when it rains while they are driving, as well as to remove obstructions on the glass.

Teach them how to spot chips and cracks at the onset, to prevent extensive repair costs later on.

2. Everything about Tires

Your new driver needs to be aware of the importance of secure tires. Knowing tire pressure requirements, how to be aware of tread wear, and how to change a flat are imperative to be a responsible driver.

A flat tire never happens at the ideal time, so knowing how to change it is critical to safety.  Where to pull over, giving yourself enough room from other drivers, and where the spare and tools are located is so important.

Show them how to check the tire pressure and inflate to the proper reading.

How low can the tire tread be before the tire needs to be replaced?

Frequent tire checks will add to their likelihood of increased road safety.

3. Cleaning

To maintain the car value and show how responsible they are, they need to keep the car as clean as possible. Cleaning can seem like a minor thing, but it also helps to increase road safety. It is very simple – a clean, well-maintained interior will add to injury prevention during an accident.

When you leave things like bottles lying around, and you get involved in an accident, these items can be projectile objects that do a lot of damage to the humans they come in contact with. Exteriors should remain clean for better visibility.

You could show them how to clean it manually with car wash soap or just teach them how to drive through the car wash nearby that is automated.

Show them how to properly vacuum the interior, store loose items, and get rid of the trash.

4. Automotive Fluids

These include the transmission fluid, coolant, wiper fluid, and engine oil, which are all very key when it comes to a properly running car and overall safety.

You should teach them how to take care of each individual task properly if you know how to go about checking them and changing them.

If you don’t know how to, look for a specialist to teach you both how to monitor your fluid levels and learn together.

5. Mechanical Issues

Show your new driver the basic signs and visible alerts that indicate the car has a problem and needs to be taken to a mechanic. It is always more affordable to deal with car problems as soon as possible.

These signs include the sounds that a car can make, the steering wheel being little stiff, slow brakes, and unusual odors.

Ensure that your new driver understands that they should book an appointment with a mechanic as soon as they notice any of these signs.

Add the contact of your mechanic to their phone book as well as the number of any car service companies that you have a membership with.


It is part of your responsibility to ensure that your new driver properly knows how to drive safely and maintain a safe vehicle. Most young drivers may be too excited and overlook the general maintenance that comes with being a driver.

So keep your vehicle under auto insurance cover to avoid any accidental setback. And check the auto insurance resource before getting the insurance.

Their safety and awareness not only will affect them and their passengers but other drivers and passengers on the roads as well. It is a joint effort that we should all participate in to keep the roads safe and accident-free.

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When Jonathan is not writing and researching products he enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and spending time waxing down his Subaru WRX STI. Jonathan manages the Sports & Fitness, Outdoors, and Automotive categories.

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