New Year’s Health Resolutions

This scenario is familiar to many of us: it’s the New Year’s Eve and you’re feeling determined. This is going to be the year when you’re finally going to keep all of your resolutions. You’re going to transform yourself into a better, healthier person. This list will help you set your health goals for the coming year and achieve them.

Understanding What’s Important

Statistics show that only 8% of people manage to keep their resolutions. That’s a tiny number, but it shouldn’t discourage you. The most important thing in setting your goals is to be realistic. You should make a list of all the things you want to improve your health and be very specific. Don’t just write start working out more; instead, think and write down exactly how you intend to do this – run for 30 minutes every morning, join a Pilates class or anything else you feel you should be doing specifically.

Be Prepared For Anything

When it comes to our health, we can’t be too careful. Accidents can happen anytime, that is why it’s important to always think ahead and be prepared. One of the things you can do is get a proper life insurance. There isn’t anything fun about this process, but it’s an essential step you need to take if you’re serious about taking care of yourself. It’s easier to procrastinate doing this if you don’t have children, but singles health insurance is every bit as important as getting insurance if you’ve already started a family.

Create Your Own Process and Measure Your Progress

Sometimes, a little goes a long way. When starting a new diet or a new workout schedule it’s very tempting to adopt an attitude that doesn’t really help you achieve your goals. Willpower isn’t the only ingredient you need in order to keep your resolutions; it’s about creating a set of mechanisms and aiding strategies that will help you stay on the right track.

You need to take a closer look at yourself and understand what behaviors you need to alter in order to get the results you want. For example, if you often find yourself tempted to cheat on that new diet, make sure that you remove any tempting junk food from your kitchen. But don’t beat yourself too hard if sometimes you slip; it’s important to allow yourself to make mistakes in order to achieve progress.

Be Patient

An important change isn’t going to happen overnight. It’s vital to keep in mind the fact that reshaping a particular aspect of your life that you’re not pleased with takes time and a lot of patience. There are no instant results and that can make you lose confidence. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and you think you’re about to give up, you should talk to your friends or family; talking about difficult things with somebody you know and you can confide in helps you regain your mental strength.

Make Change Permanent

Bad habits are hard to break. We all have those guilty pleasures which seem impossible to shake. Maybe one of your resolutions is to follow a healthy nutrition plan, or maybe you’re finally going to give up sugar; any resolution you make isn’t going to stick unless you rationally decide that it’s actually going to become a part of a better and healthier lifestyle.

It’s not always easy to change our lifestyle. It’s a process that takes focus and a lot of determination. If you’ve decided that your New Year’s resolutions are all about getting healthy, then these steps will help you achieve your goals.

About The Author:

Sarah Carter is the head of a creative writing workshop and a freelance blogger. Sarah also writes for magazines and blogs in the health and wellness industries including All Women’s Talk and EmpowHER.

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