Boost Your Immune System

We are staying at home, washing our hands and sneezing in the elbow. The world is under the spell of the coronavirus. And this has raised a voice about the importance of boosting immunity.

Whether it’s today’s Corona pandemic or normal lifestyle, a healthy immunity is always important. But how do you do that? There are lots of remedies and methods available online that claim to boost your immunity instantly.

Here in this article also we are going to give you the top 5 proven tips and methods to boost your immune system. But before that let’s learn more about immunity.

What is Immunity?

Every person has his own natural innate immunity, we call this the non-specific part of the immune system. In addition, you also develop a specific immune system that adapts in the course of your life after the body has been exposed to certain pathogens.

For this reason, this specific immune system is also referred to as acquired immunity. In simple terms, immunity ensures that pathogens such as bacteria and viruses that enter our bodies are cleared away before they have a chance to make us sick.

Good immunity is very important because your immune system is not only active during a flu epidemic. Your immune system is a busy day in and day out to protect you from pathogenic intruders.

All the more reason to lend a hand to your immunity in a natural way, right? So, let go straight to the tips on boosting the immune system.

Tip 1 – Eat Superfoods

Eat Superfoods

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Vegetables and fruits that are known as natural superfoods contain insane amounts of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The latter in particular is very important for the good bacteria in your intestines.

They are downright power foods. So eat them in large quantities and in all colors. Kiwis and oranges are known as immune-boosting vitamin C bombs.

There are also various brands that produce superfood supplements like Organifi Green Juice that are the easy and the best way to consume all essential superfood nutrients.

Tip 2 – Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep

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The less we sleep, the more sensitive we are too cold viruses. And that is not surprising. Deep sleep in particular is very important for our immune system.

You mainly have these in the first hours of your night’s sleep. So get enough sleep (for most people, this is between seven to eight hours a night).

It might be tempting because you can work from home the next day, but watching Netflix late into the night and sleeping in the next morning isn’t a good idea. Try to keep to your usual rhythm as much as possible.

Tip 3 – Avoid taking the stress

Avoid taking the stress

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One of the most usual reasons for low immunity is stress. And it is quite common these days to take stress when we are continuously reading and viewing about the growing threat of Coronavirus.

Therefore, when it is more important to boost immunity, we take the stress and degrade it. Therefore, it is important to avoid getting stuck to the news feed and taking unusual stress. Relax and keep yourself calm and utilize your time by investing it in productive things.

Tip 4 – Look for the sun

Look for the sun

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Another vitamin that is super to the resistance: vitamin D. And you get it from the sun. The birds are chirping, the magnolia is in bloom, spring is coming. Enjoy it in the garden or on your balcony.

Put on your shoes, put the dog on a leash, and go outside. To the forest, the dunes or the beach. As long as it is allowed, you have no complaints and your temperature is below 38 degrees. If someone in your house has a fever, you must stay indoors.

Tip 5 – Exercise

Exercise for Immunity

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The big marathons have been canceled in the near future. A few thousand people together is not an option. Moreover, very intensive exercise is not good for immunity.

Shouldn’t you exercise and exercise? Yes! Walking, cycling, or working in the garden are very good for your resistance. Preferably do this alone. Then the chance that you infect someone or someone you, is the smallest.

To which I repeat: keep your distance from people you meet on the way, at least 1.5 meters, and do not go outside with complaints. And if it comes to a lockdown, move the couch to the side and move your weekly yoga class to the living room.

Have a spring cleaning, drag your rowing machine to the balcony or order a skipping rope online that will let you go wild in the shed.

About The Author:

Edward Redmond has been researching, testing, and writing for the last 9 years on fitness, eating right, and the benefits of health supplements.

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