Red Borneo Kratom

The red Borneo kratom is extracted from a plant called Kratom. The tree is grouped under the coffee family, and that explains its uplifting effects.

For many years the plant has been used as a medicine to deal with anxiety and help relax patients.

It can also be used as an alternative medicine for some diseases. Just like the name suggests, it is originally from Borneo, a southeastern island.

It is the third-largest island in the world and is shared by Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. Although it is shared by the three, a third of it is owned by Indonesia. Both white Borneo and green Borneo Kratom also come from there and have different effects and properties.

The detailed review of the Green Borneo Kratom reveals its cognitive ability and enhances social life. However, The red Borneo Kratom mostly grows along riverbanks, making it more potent than the other red varieties.

That may also explain why it is popular now; it is also mild enough to be suitable for beginners and still strong enough to give you an immediate and noteworthy effect.

Red Borneo Kratom Effects and Benefits

The users or Red vein Borneo love it because it relaxes and has mild sedative abilities. A variety of it can be achieved through different doses, but generally, it is known for making you calm in body and mind.

Other effects include an increase in energy levels and mood uplift, not forgetting pain relief. Below are some of the effects of the Red Borneo Kratom:

Alcohol Addiction Relief

If you are withdrawing from alcohol addiction, then the red strain is perfect for helping sedate you and provide you with an uplifting effect.

Relieves Chronic Pain

Just like other Kratom strains, the Red Borneo gives you relief from pain without any side effects that you may get from modern conventional medicine.

Helps with Depression

One of the most known effects of the Red Borneo Kratom is its ability to increase your energy and uplift your mood. People who suffer from depression use it to cope with difficult episodes and help reduce occurrences.

Relieves Anxiety

The Red Borneo Kratom is known to deeply relax and help you overcome those anxiety attacks that you may get from interacting with people or from traumas.

Although most people that use the Red Borneo strain have chronic issues, the strain can also be used to give you a euphoria like feeling. The feeling is not explosive like the give produced by white veins and can relax you simultaneously.

Red Borneo Kratom Required Dosage

The red vein Borneo Kratom can give you different effects depending on the dose you try. However, the dosage varies from one person to another. It depends on your age and how you weigh, tolerate, and even fitness.

A beginner will likely experience more effects as it may test your level of tolerance. Ensure you start in small doses, preferably 2 grams and less.

If you have used Kratom before, and it is your first time testing this specific strain of Red Borneo, then just like beginners, you should start with a small dose.

That way, it is safer as you give your body the time to adjust to this specific strain’s effects. If the results are mild, then feel free to increase the dosage to 3-5 grams gradually.

The higher the dose, the more sedative effects you will get from the Red Borneo. At low doses, you will become energized and uplifted.

Users that their bodies have become used to the strain because they have used it for a very long period may increase the dose up to 12 grams.


The more you increase the dosage, the more you will experience adverse effects like irritability, nausea, and even dizziness. That means beginners should be cautious about the dose they take so that they don’t end up with harmful side effects.

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