Speed Up Muscle Recovery After A Workout

No matter how little or how hard any physical training is, recovery will never cease to be an essential part of it. When it comes to a healthy and active lifestyle, recovery works hand-in-hand with a training plan and a proper diet for a fit mind and body. When you take the time to let your body heal, the faster you will reap the benefits of your training.

There are ways to make sure your body recovers faster so you can achieve your fitness goals at the right time. Follow these tips for a speedy muscle recovery.

#1. Get more quality sleep

Take note that the key factor here is “quality.” Six to eight hours of deep, quality sleep is better for athletes than 10 hours of light sleep. It is during the deeper stages of sleep that your body undergoes protein synthesis and recovery. The more quality sleep you have tonight, the faster you will be able to recover and the better your performance will be on your next workout. Make sure you don’t forget to consider getting the right kind of mattress and think about getting a memory foam one too for better sleep.

#2. Help muscle repair along

There are two things you can do lighten the burden of your muscles during self-repair. The first is self-myofascial release. You can roll out your muscles with foam or semi-rigid rollers to remove knots in your muscles and connective tissues. Second, you can get a massage to reduce stiffness and break up scar tissue. Both of these methods will make it easier for your muscles to recover.

#3. Take time to relax during waking hours

After your workout, it helps to keep your body relaxed to help your muscles recover. You can listen to relaxing music such as instrumental hits, slow-tempo songs, or whatever music genre that relaxes you to slow down your pulse rate and reduce blood pressure. Many online on-demand music sites have playlists to help you relax; these not only aid in exercise recovery but also in helping you focus on your work or study.

#4. Eat protein before and after bed

You know it’s important to eat something with protein before and after a workout, but did you know you also need to consume protein before and after bed?

Eating a light, protein-rich snack at night before you go to sleep gives your body the energy and nutrients it needs to repair muscles overnight. These will be depleted come morning, however, so consume a high-protein breakfast to recharge. This will also keep junk food cravings away as the day progresses.

#5. Drink to recover

There are three highly recommended beverages for people with active lifestyles: water, chocolate milk, and tart cherry juice. The water, of course, will replenish the fluids you lost during your workout, so the sooner you rehydrate, the faster your body will be able to heal itself. (See also: Infographic: How to Pimp Up a Glass of Water)

Chocolate milk contains the protein your body needs for muscle recovery as well as enough carbs that can reduce the time it takes for your body to prepare for your next activity. Tart cherry juice works wonders for reducing the swelling that happens when your muscles are damaged. This allows your body to recover more quickly and less painfully.

Oh, and if you really want to stay on track and make your muscles recover quickly, stay away from alcohol, which can reduce your body’s ability to heal. So be conscious of what you consume as well as how much you sleep and relax and you’ll be fully recovered in no time!

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